Saturday, June 14, 2008


Erin is typing this so here's a synopsis of Carol's state as of 6/14/08 to the best of my knowledge. Scott will add to or correct anything he needs to shortly.
Carol is at Swedish Hospital in Seattle in their Pediatri Intensive Care unit. She is unconscious due to a combination of pain med and another drug. This way, she isn't feeling pain nor wanting to tear out her ventilator or feed tube. She was admitted there on Tuesday the 9th in the afternoon. The doctor's did an emergency C-section around 4:45 pm or so because Carol and the baby's blood pressure dropped very rapidly. Carol stayed in surgery until after 7 pm because the doctors could not get her blood pressure stable. That night she had a CAT scan to see what is would show. It ruled out a perforated colon.

The following day, Carol's temperature spiked at 106.9 F so the doctors wrapped her in ice blankets to help bring her temperature down. Later that evening, it had come down to around 100 F. She started showing signs of DIC. That is when the body trys to fight the infection by sending clots to places that don't need clots. Eventually there is no blod flow to those places so the skin necroses (or dies) and begins to slough off. This also means that when she does bleed (i.e. scratch from inserting a feed tube) she doesn't have the clotting factors to stop the bleeding, so she bleeds a lot.

Carol started dialysis yesterday (6/13/08) because her kidneys are now starting to fail. They started to fail due to low blood pressure or flow. It is also why she is so edematous or swollen. The dialysis is helping with Carol's excretment and diminishing water retention. There is a 20-30% chance Carol will need ongoing dialysis after this is over from permanent damage to her kidneys.

The doctors have not given an estimated time to expect Carol in the hospital. It could be from weeks to months. So prayers and positive thoughts for Scott and the many doctors and nurses that work with her are always welcome.
Since all this Carol has had both her leg's below the knees amputated, her left arm below the elbow amputated, her right ring finger amputated; and is now blind. All of that is due to ischemia from vasopressive drugs used to keep her blood pressure high enought to survive.

On a different note, Safiya (say it phonetically) Christian was born on June 10th around 4:45 pm! She weighed in at 4/15 lbs. I don't know how long she is but she is BEAUTIFUL! She has Chloe's lonf feet, toes and fingers. She doesn't have nearly the head of hair that big sister had when she was born, but Chloe had a little while longer for growing it! Safiya is doing well in the NICU at Swedish Hospital. She was on the ventilator but I think they have her off of it. She has a bit of rapid breathing but I think that is ok. Scott will need to update us all a little more on Safiya's progress soon.


the piccolos said...

Scott, Carol, Chloe & Safiya - we are all pulling and praying for you from afar. If you need us to be closer, please let me know and I'll be there as fast as a plane can get me there.

Linda Jenner said...

Scott, you are an amazing husband and father! xoxoxo

JanesClan said...

I came across your blog somehow and I have thought all day about your family. I live my life around individuals who have been given another chance at life such as carol and your beautiful daughter. There is so much hope and services and help in our society today. Carol is strong because she has fought this hard, thus far. I work in Occupational Therapy and in special education. I have seen and continue to see miracles on a daily basis. Hang in there, the road is long but worth it. You have a lot of people who care. Love always Launee

Sarita said...

I, too, stumbled across this blog randomly, and am glad that I did.

I read it yesterday and was just amazed at the support and love in your family. I had to come back today to see if there was an update.

Each and every person in your family (including friends, because sometimes friends can end up being closer than blood-relation) is a motivation and a miracle.

Just know that strangers out here are pulling and praying for you all.

Pam Parker said...

Touched by your family in Celebration Florida, I am so sorry for all you have been thru, I wish you many blessings and God's strenth to healing and miracles. May God help you along this long journey and send you rainbows along the way. One thing that can never be taken is a beautiful spirit, I wish you laughter, peace,and sunny days. Know that others care, I will keep you in my prayers.

Mary Anna said...

I don't know what to say except that you'll all be in my prayers. Can't wait to bid on a few items on Crabmommy's silent auction next week - a little way to help across the miles.

Jaina said...

I can't imagine this situation. I'm over from CJane, Nie's sister. I will keep you all in my prayers.

Davis Fam said...

I too came across your blog randomly and am sitting here crying my eyes out as I think of the amazing people you all are. I will be sure to keep you in my prayers!!

Minx said...

Came over from Nie's sisters blog - praying for her and her beautiful family - now adding another beautiful family to my prayer list - if we all continue to find, through art and the wonderful world of blogging, a new extended family, there is no limit to what we can all do through the sheer power of prayer! Minx

Kristin said...

You are in my prayers... I hope nothing but the best for all of you.

Reyna said...

Another family now praying for yours. I hope you're able to feel the power of all of our prayers.

Mimi Sue said...

I too came over from C Jayne (Nie's sister). All of this makes me stop for just a moment and be truly grateful for so many things I take for granted each day. Our familie's prayers are with you both and your beautiful, precious daughters.

~Caroline~ said...

I also came from c jane's blog. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. God bless!

Ashley said...

I am in absolute shock about this situation. Just found this site through CJane's. Is there any hope of her getting her sight back? I am so sorry that you have had this happen to you. I will be donating.

Wires n Pliers said...

In addition to some past posts, I accidentally (or not), stumbled upon your blog.
I too, am welled up inside, my tears of compassion are just. My prayers are with you and your family. I usually read and go onward, but your blog has caught me off guard.
It is times like this that remind us of the real importance in spending time together. God Bless you and your family.
You are so lucky to have each other and such a supportive network.
WoW. you swept me. Carol, your bravery astounds me. Every day is a new day, new beginnings and a new perspective. Remember every time you dip downward, you soar that much upward later.
I love you, and I don't even know you. Keep the faith, girl.
Carol C.

Kristi said...

Carol, Scott, Chloe and Sariya,

I came across your blog and it broke my heart, I cried for hours. I will pray for you and your family EVERY DAY! I have told my family and friends to pray for you as well. Wishing you and your family strength, love and little miracles everyday. I even emailed Oprah (crazy considering I have never emailed any show before...) but I just felt compelled to get your story out there, the more prayers and support the better! God bless you and your family! The love and support surrounding you are inspirational and I hope you can draw strength from that in moments of sadness. Good Luck and we are thinking about you and we don't even know you!

Kristi Neal

mimi said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you all daily.
I was dumbfounded the other day when Oprah had another mom - Monica on her show. She also had a c-section - fever, had both arms and legs amputated - too similar a story! She is truly an inspiration - as Carol is too all of us.
How often does this happen and how can it advance this far? Needs investigation.

I pray that our prayers wrap themselves around you and give you strength and faith during this healing time.

Nancy said...

Scott, Carol, Chloe & Safiya: May you find strength, courage and healing through all the prayers being sent your way. Blessings, Nancy

A New England Life said...

I've read this post several times over the past few weeks and it still shocks me every time. Please know I am thinking of Carol and hoping for her to be home with the girls and Scott one day soon.

My best to you all.


Anonymous said...

I came here from a friend's blog. I've had two emergency c-sections, and I'm praying for Scott, Carol, Chloe, and Safiya today. Please know that you will be on my heart today.
I'm going to pray specifically for God to carry you, to give you an overwhelming peace, and for your love to be stronger than any human can imagine.
Much love to you.
Jennifer in Texas

TigerLily said...

My friend Crystal let me know about your heartbreaking situation, and I just want you to know that my family and I are praying for Scott, Carol, Chloe, and Safiya today. You are in our hearts, and we pray for your peace and recovery.
With love,
Brianna in Boston

Unknown said...

Such a hard story! But somehow it left me feeling incredible joy and hope for us all. I'm pushing for everyone on my FB to join the Extreme Home Makeover request! I have a feeling about this one.... Thank you for sharing your story with us all. I am humbled.