Thursday, August 27, 2009


Carol just got the birthday voicequilt and we are listening to what is going to take a long time to get through the 4 cd's of messages. Many, many thanks for the thoughts, which have provoked laughs, tears, and the funny laugh that apparently everyone knows Carol by:)!! Thanks everyone...priceless.


Monday, August 24, 2009


Carol wanted me to post that she walked around the block, pushing Safiya in the stroller....with our wonderful nannies guidance!! We had an exciting weekend in the tri-cities seeing the inlaws. Very nice weather and a 50th wedding anniversary for one of Carol's uncles. Talk soon!!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Well lots of more firsts for us in the last couple weeks. Carol got the courage to get into the bath for the first time with Safiya. Well it started out just with Chloe, but I couldn't help it and through Safiya in. It was a huge bubble bath, lot of funny pictures, I am not allowed to post. Safiya is saying lots of little words, and has learned how to kiss people. Chloe is saying lots of 8 word sentences, and isn't afraid to use them. As fall approaches Chloe will start swim lessons, continue some basic music classes, and she has asked to learn how to dance all on her own. We also have to decide if/where preschool will be in her future. Safiya has also started some of the kindermusic classes. Carol will be deciding in the coming days when to have her next needed surgery, and has started wondering about some more cosmetic surgeries available to her if any. Thanks for all the support and friendships, and dinners, and everything.

My sister Erin, just showed me the blog of a gal I have heard of alot, but honestly haven't had the time to really look into...the woman from Utah that everyone knows and comments from the cjanerun what a story. I have been reading through it this morning in my spare moments. Striking how all of this ha been going on with my family a different tragedy happens to another, but sort of in reading her blog are dealing with very similiar (yet different) issues. Anyway, cheers to your walk up the "y"!! You look great!

the deckers

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Well Carol's birthday went great. Thanks to all for all the birthday well wishes, cards, gifts, and everything. It REALLY made it a special day for Carol. I will post some pictures, I have a couple. I am sure I will be getting more to post from others, I only had a chance to take a couple of my own. I organized a birthday dinner for Carol in Seattle at one her favorite restaurants, wild ginger. Most of my family was there, and Carol's highschool posse came to surprise her.

As far as Carol's recovery, she made a personal goal on her birthday. She had set a goal last year of walking into this restaurant in heels, which she did. On a more serious note, her right leg bone spur (the one on the left was removed last year) is beginning to give her more and more trouble, and she is thinking of having the surgery before the end of the year. She will see the orthoped surgeon this week to go over options and available times. It's not a have to, but she is getting geared up in her head to have it done. She will be off her feet again for 3 months like the last one. There are a number of reasons for doing it sooner than later. No real changed other than that. Safiya is learning lots of new words, chloe is still not potty trained, and I think Safiya will be walking any day. It is so interesting how two kids from the same parents and family can be so different.

Thanks again everyone!!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Erica wanted me to post about a vioce-quilt cd being put together for Carol. Here is her message.

Hey Scott! I wondered if you would mind putting something on the blog about another VoiceQuilt cd we're doing if you get a spare minute? I have it on the Auction blog and have sent out emails but thought maybe those that follow your blog might want to contribute their messages to Carol as well? Here's the info..
Looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend!
Thanks! Erica

To Record a Message
Contributing to the VoiceQuilt is easy -- just follow these three steps:
1) Call 1-877-OurQuilt (1-877-687-7845).
If calling from outside the U.S., see below for special instructions.
2) When asked for your invitation number, enter 73394.
3) Leave your message, just as if you were leaving a voicemail.
When you finish speaking, hang up or press # for more options.

Please help us create a wonderful surprise for Carol Vance Decker by calling the toll-free number below with birthday greetings and a special memory!

Our deadline is Aug 7, 2009. Please call today!

Just think of it as a toast -- a funny story, a shared memory or a favorite quote. Mention your name at the beginning so that we know who is speaking. It's easy and Carol ill love hearing from you.

After everyone has called in, I'll arrange the messages into a playlist or "VoiceQuilt". Then, it will be gifted to Carol as a special keepsake.

Thanks in advance for helping us create this very special gift.
- Erica

Monday, August 3, 2009


Well we had another weekend of firsts. A different type though. We went out to the mall and out to lunch, just the four of us....might seem little, but something I have feared doing since all this started. It went pretty well, lunch had a couple minor fiascos, but we all got food.

Carol is doing pretty good....her right leg is fitting a bit better again, and she using it as much as she can. Her right leg bone spur seems to be hurting though a bit when she walks, limiting the amount of time she spends on them. We are trying to decide on the timing of having this last surgery done. It's hard to want to go through all of that again, but at the same it would be nice once it is over, based on how much better her left leg feels since having the spur removed on it. Carol is getting more interested in different types of prosthetics. Up until now, her legs are the type that are very tried and true, that have been the standard of care for quite some time. She is showing interest in vacuum retained legs, and other things. She wants to have the other leg surgery before going to something like maybe another year or so.

We went to the tricities a couple weekends ago, to see all the inlaws, and see the hydroplane races. The trip also went very well. Gradually we are venturing out and trying to do many of the things we used to.

Carol turns 34 this friday.....we have a much better birthday plan for her this year. Last year she was at Harborview, and barely remembers it.