Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well Carol has really been rockn the last week or two. She has really been trying to step it up in her recovery. My guess is that she knows she is going to be laid up for a few weeks, so she is really pushing herself. Her balance on her legs and doing things has really gotten better, and her pain has seemed to decrease due to some new med's....Carol went to costco with Heath today after PT in covington. She was stopped by three different people that explained that she didn't know them but they knew of her and follow her story....crazy.

Thanks for all the dinners the last few weeks. I don't know who is doing it per se, but thanks. It makes things so much easier on me, I can't even tell you.

Thanks for the card Jacqui......we think of you often and plan to stop by sometime soon to visit you all at Swedish:)


Saturday, February 21, 2009


For those that don't know, Carol was on the news again on komo a couple nights ago. Here is the link...nuff said.

thanks for everything...scott

Monday, February 9, 2009


Well what has been happening lately. As far as Carol....she has been remaining very busy during the week with rehab. She put on her makeup by herself for the first time last week, and even though she is blind, it looked much better than I can do. How do you get mascera (sp?) so close to the eye with out touching and smearing that crap, impossible to get perfect the first time for me...anyway. We've been trying to venture out doing things like going out to eat and stuff like that. On the weekends she get's pretty tired and has been slepping almost all day on Saturday for the past few weeks. When she wakes up from sleeping her eyes have been doing some wierd things, I think I have talked about it a little already. Her pupils have been contricting momentarily when she opens her eyes, and she says she has been seeing wierd things. Yesterday was a bit of a crazy day for us. When she opened her eyes in the afternoon, her pupils were staying constricted for quite awhile. When this happens she says she get's an instant headache, makes it so she can't move really. Just overall wierd symptoms. Anyway, she is seeing her neuroopthomologis tomorrow for the first time in months, maybe he can shed some light.

Carol is scheduled for surgery on her legs, and arm mid-march. She will be in casts for 4-6 weeks after that. I think I have posted what all that is about already. We plan to focus on more of her blindness rehab for that time. Setting up the house a little better for her. Things like having part of the fridge just for her, so everything there remains the same. That theme of things staying the same if very important for her. She gets very frustrated when I move something and don't put back in the same spot. Also, we plan to work on the ocmputer stuff more. She has had two trainings on in so far. It will be slow going with it. Carol says she feels like a baby trying to learn how to use a computer. It's completely different language and is going to take some time.

Yesterday morning, before the crazy part of our day happened we had Willow's Photography ( over and do family photos since we havne't been able to do any formal ones. I will try and attach a couple here. Safiya is doing great. She said dad the first time back in January but it was hard to tell if she knew what she was really saying. Over the weekend it has become apparent she really knows I am dada, that is the only thing she can say. Chloe is pretty much great all the time still, but a hand full now. She wants to do everythings herself, and whatever is the opposite of I want her to do. Her most famous lines right now are "I do it", and "no, I don't like it". She also seems to be having some seperation anxiety issues again. I thought we were over that awhile ago..maybe not:)