Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well a decent weekend. A weekend of first for the kids. Safiya took her first steps...I am convinced it will be less than a week before she is running around the place. Carol and Safiya have a really great relationship going's been a work in progress and something Carol works at daily, and continues to. It's great to see. Safiya also gave me her first high-five, and said thank you tonight. I didn't see it as much with Chloe because Carol handled everything almost her first year, but it's crazy seeing your little baby grow up and make a change from nonspeaking little hobbit to a littler person:) Chloe, went poopoo in the potty for the first time as well. Carol is doing great, has a friend from high school over for a few days. Erica......the person who has put on a couple auctions....she has done so much for us. Thanks everyone


Monday, July 13, 2009


So hello all. We are all doing pretty well. Safiya seems to have really taken the leap from baby to infant the last couple weeks, and is really developing her own personality. She has moved from just crawling to bear crawling, and is try to stand and frank walking yet though. She is saying some words like "ralph"(our cat), bahbah(bottle), mom, dad, and nonono:)
Carol's new fitting legs fit very well for a couple weeks, and then stopped fitting very well. Generally your legs shrink after getting them or even being in your prosthetics over time, and daily. Her legs for some reason actually have gotten bigger. I think it is becuase she works out so much, her muscles grew. Life has been a bit more emotional for her. We have been trying to get out and do more things, and each thing is a new situation. It's hard for her to know how to fit in. She feels like she is a totally different person now, and that is a bit tough. We have been trying to go through the blog together each night from the corresponding day last year, so she can hear what was going on then, which has been hard but good to do I think. So she is having another new set of legs made. She is very strong, but needs more cardio type of stuff, and just be able to walk for longer periods of time with well-fitting prosthetics.

Chloe' is also doing am I. Thanks all