Tuesday, October 27, 2009


A sneak peak at Chloe's halloween costume!! She picked it out herself on ebay...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Not much going on...just wanted to post a couple funny pictures. I haven't really looked through very many pictures of Safiya lately until tonight. She has really changed and grown up a bit the last month. She talks so much now, and just seems to have transitioned from baby to small kid. I am having a dejavu about typing this about Chloe mid 2008 on here. Wierd....

We are doing pretty good.....work is going really well....Carol is well, Chloe is also well. Chat more later!!


Thursday, October 15, 2009


As some of you may or may not know, Carol's stepmom, has been having a fight with breast cancer for the last several months. Being breast cancer awareness month she wanted me to post something she wrote....here you go!

October is breast cancer awareness month I thought you might like to share my story as a prod to those women who don't schedule their mammograms on a regular basis and those who may find a lump but don't take it serious. May 2009, I found a cyst in my left breast, two days later I had a mammogram in the morning and the Radiologist said that it looked suspicious, but not malignant however said to come back for an ultra sound in the afternoon. Both reports showed negative for malignant tumor, but the radiologist suggested that I find a surgeon and have it removed because of what might be hiding behind the cyst and to see what was causing it. I talked to two different surgeons and decided on one of them to do a biopsy. The biopsy also came back negative. The surgeon and I were still suspicious so we decided the surgeon should perform a lumpectomy on July 24. The pathology report from the lumectomy came back stage IIB Lobular Carcinoma, breast cancer. Okay now what to do? I found an outstanding oncologist and surgeon and had both breasts removed on August 17th. A single mastecomy on the right and a modified radical mastectomy on the left. I am currently undergoing 12 weeks of chemo which will probably be followed up by several weeks of radiation. Now all of this was pretty shocking as I am in relatively good health and get my exams faithfully. So my message to you is not to bury your head in the sand if you think something is wrong. Sometimes we can wait too long and then the consequences could be much worse. I am so glad that I was persistant in having the lumpectomy. October is Breast Cancer Awareness so not only this month but every month do as the slogan suggests "Fight Like A Girl". Do self exams and get your exams faithfully. Of course the hardest part of all this besides the obvious is not being able to spend the time right now like we would like to with Scott, Carol, and our Grandbabies. Miss them - Judy Vance (Carol's Step Mom)

Sunday, October 11, 2009


so a great weekend. I love the fall. Regrettably the red sox lost today, yet affirming my distaste for the angels...sorry marie:) Anyway, everyone is doing pretty good. I decided to start my new resolution to start cooking this weekend. I bought a recipe book to my favorite pizza place in Boston....figs. I successfully have made pizza for the family 4 times this weekend. I am a pro now,:). We took our nanny Erin out to a fine dinner at the Salish.....was delish.

What else.....I converted Chloe's crib finally to a toddler bed. It's one of those stokke oval cribs that converts to a bed. I spent like two hours trying to figure it out. I am not sure I did it right but it seems stable:) For the first time ever I woke up to Chloe starring in my face. I guess she has just been waiting for the chance to get out of her room by herself. Maybe I need to get those special child lock things on the exterior doors? She is smart, and obedient enough to not touch them I think.

Safiya, is saying many two to three word sentences now. It's been awhile since I have mentioned it but she eats anything. I made fig jam and proscuito pizza twice, and she and I ate almost all of it. Chloe was like "ewwww I'll have mac and cheese please".

What else, Carol has been very tired today, sleeping almost 5 hours during the day. It reminds me of quite awhile ago. The last week and a half she has spent almost the entire days, on her prosthetics; I think it takes alot of energy. So she has been napping a bit more than normal....hopefully just another phase, as she adjusts to that.

I haven't really mentioned it before on purpose...but we bought a house in June. We have spent the last 6 months architecting it. I have been trying to make it very user friendly for Carol. Its an old 50's rambler, near where the girls will go to school....about 2 houses down. It's all one level, flat and smooth, perfect for Carol. We have been finalizing plans on it the last week....which after spending alot of time on it, we aren't going to change much, just really adding a bathroom. It's great....we love the place, just wish we would have moved in sooner. We will be moving soon enough, maybe 2-3 months. Thanks everyone


Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Well it's been awhile since we have posted so I thought I would give a little update. It seems fall has finally come...and life is good.

Chloe and Safiya are both doing great. Safiya's favortite word right now seems to be Elmo... Chloe picked out her own halloween costume, a bat...pretty funny. Carol thought it would be good for me to be Dracula, so she got me a cape at Target yesterday, and also a bunch of those fake vampire teeth things. She thought they would be good to give to the children patients at work...I am on the fence on that one for now:)

Today is out nannies birthday...so happy birthday Erin!!

Carol is doing really well health-wise. She spends almost all of her days on her prosthesis, and still does alot of physical therapy, and occupational therapy almost every weekday. Not sure how much longer that is going to go on. She has decided to put off the last leg surgery until after the holidays, early next year.

Thanks for all the dinners, everyone. I think I am going to to make it a New Years resolution to get good at cooking. Life is going pretty good for me as well. It would be much better if UW had beaten notre dame on Saturday, and if the red sox beat the angels this coming week!