Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Carol came home from the hospital yesterday in the evening. We are adjusting to what now feels like a definite "1 step back". We are doing pretty well, all in all. Carol thanks everyone for all the well wishes!!


Sunday, March 22, 2009


First chance that I have a computer connection since the surgery to post. Surgery went very well. It was 3 hours on Thursday morning...from 7:45am to 10:45 am. She spent the remainder of the day in post op recovery. She didn't get into a room until about 5pm. Her post pain was pretty extreme. Many iv pain med's were used and none seemed to keep things calm. They eventually with our consent decided to give her an epidural to numb her lower half, where most of the pain was coming from. This worked for awhile. Enough to finally get her stable enough to move to her room. As far as what the surgery entailed....her left arm had bone protruding again and needed to be revised...shortened by about 1/2 inch and leave padding of tissue on the end was the plan and outcome. The bone protrusion was infected as we had much suspected, and she now will be on iv antibiotics for a couple weeks because of it. Her left leg had bone spurs approximating each other on both her fibia and tibia. We were asked before the surgery, if deemed appropriate, a procedure called "bone bridging" be performed with our permission. What they do is form a bone bridge or help a bridge of bone form between the two bones. Normally our fibia and tibia join at the knee and ankle. In Carol's case they don't at the bottom. If there is enough flex in the bones, they can touch each other when you walk, and this can be painful when walking with prosthetics. The down side is usually some loss of length of leg, which to Carol, and I am assuming other amputees, every bit of length you have is very important to you. So we were against it, if it meant shortening the leg was needed. They found a way to use the bone spurs to bridge the two bones together with the help of some steel pins. They also found that her major nerve in the leg was getting pinned between the fibia and tibia when the two bones squeezed together. The nerve was cut and placed higher up in some muscle. The same nerve thing was done in the arm.

Each day since the surgery it seems the pain is lessening, whether Carol realizes it or not. I think she will be home tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest...we will see. Thanks for all the help this weekend family and friends.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Well...to my mothers prodding I need to update everyone:) Work, and life has been really busy. Carol has been making lots of strides with her rehab. Her walking is unbelievable. She has been walking up stairs walking around the house by herself and really pushing herself in everyway she can. Last weekend was our 11 year anniversary, and we found some time to go out to dinner and leave the girls with some family. Safiya is officially mobile, so baby proofing has been stepped up at the house. Chloe was very cautious about everything and still is. Safiya isn't afraid of anything and will stick anything in her mouth, etc.

After a very busy week at work, we are off to Seattle for surgery tomorrow. Well Carol is having surgery, we are just there for support. We have it all arranged with care for the girl and house and everything. Carol will have her left arm and left leg revised tomorrow. She is supposed to be coming home on Monday. So every wish her well if you get the chance. She is nervous, but ready to get this thing done. It's def time. The limbs have really been bothering her, but she has been pushing through it. She will have a cast on her leg, and rehab without walls have adjusted her wheelchair to accomodate that. So rehab therapies are on a bit of hold for a few weeks. ok I need to pack. feel free to call Carol or stop by harborview if you want to visit!!


Monday, March 9, 2009


Hello all. Life continues to be very busy.. The girls are doing very well. Chloe is def 2. Carol and I thought our daughter must be having some serious issues with all that has happened this year and is acting out. She insists on putting on her own shoes, clothes, and doing everything else herself. She is going through a bit if a hitting phase...she hit's/taps her little sister at times when she is not getting enough attention. We decided to look at the internet and find out what was wrong with our child, only to find she is a normal 2 year old. Safiya, is just about crawling officially. I guess unofficially she is...whatever that means. I guess it means she has done it, but can't do it, at will, all the time..officially:)

Carol keeps stepping it up a notch. She went up and down 23 stairs today at her physical therapist in Maple Valley. I must plug these guys at Outpatient Physical Therapy. The donate several hours per week to Carol...very cool. We appear to be all set for her upcoming surgery (on the 19th). She will be having a revision on her left arm, and her right leg. She seems to be getting a little nervous, rightfully so. She will at the hospital at the minimum over the weekend. She has to be able to transfer from chair to bathroom, to bed, etc. in order to not be put back into rehab at Harborview. Carol says she will be transferring by Saturday.

Thanks for all the support, and thanks to all the families making us dinners. It is greatly appreciated!!

Scott and Carol