Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Well things are going pretty good for us, the sun is shining for the first time it seems in a long time. Carol and I had to take Safiya up to Swedish for a minor surgery around her eye last Friday (picture attached:)). She had some small bumps around her left eye. She did great with the sedation and waking up, etc. It seems overnight Safiya is putting together sentences and talking really well. She keeps wanting to sit on the potty like her big sister, but isn't quite sure what to do up their, but she really wants to do the whole thing including flushing and washing hands. Her Birthday party in the tricities was great as well...nice to have the sunshine. I'll attach a couple photos of that also.

Carol's health seems to be doing good. She may be ending formal rehab stuff at the end of summer, or fall. I guess that is a good sign of progress, but feels like cutting the cord a bit. Her prosthetics are going great. She is starting to think more and more about further prosthetic options for her left arm. She has a couple things (hand and hook) but all of that has been on the back burner for quite some time.

Our house is slowly coming together, I keep forgetting to take pictures. Hopefully we will be insulating and sheetrocking in the next couple weeks to month. Talk soon!!


Monday, June 7, 2010


Safiya's 2nd birthday is coming up this week, as well as the 2nd anniversary since Carol got sick. We will be doing a "Yo Gabba Gabba" themed party for her at the inlaw's!! Should be fun, we also are going to a wedding this week for one of Carol's friends. Should be a good weekend.

Carol got a new foot for her legs last week. They are alot lighter, she seems to really like them.

The house is still being worked on. Right now it is electrical stuff. The plumbing rough-in has been checked off. The framing has pretty much been done, but has a couple things that have to be fixed before inspection. As always, thanks for the support.

Scott and Carol