Saturday, June 21, 2008


First day of Summer!!! Carol is pretty much the same. On the bright side....kidneys appear to have returned to completely normal function (creatinine and urea levels are normalizing). So hopefully no long term dialysis.

Her temp and heart rate, per normal, are elevated this morning. Her platelets counts are very good. They did an ultrasound of her left arm, yesterday. There is a blood clot from the DIC at about 4 cm above her wrist...virtually stopping blood flow to that hand. It does have some peripheral perfusion/blood flow on the skin. The vascular surgeon decided she is not stable enough for surgery yet unfortunately. I guess the bright side on that is that if that is the only clot in her body, and other major organs have been spaired, it is good, and it could be much worse. They started her on Heparin (Coumadin) last night to see if that may help with that clot situation. Probably not gonna do much at this point, but the probably not going to harm anything either, so why not. Skin is starting to heal abit in the areas it started (her belly and thighs), but it looks "interesting". Her weight has come way down, and at least her face and upper body looks much like the Carol we all know. Heres hoping she stablizes a little more so they can do surgery on her hand!!



erin said...

Oh my, woo hoo! Go Carol. We'r praying for the heparin to work it's magic. BTW, what are Safiya's stats these days? She is sure a cutie! Love ya loads little bro. the Pugs

Scott and Carol Decker said...

Sorry, I haven't been to see her except once a day this week. She weighs about 5.5 lbs now, so she has gained lover a pound. Not sure of her length, but I think it is 21 inches, I may be wrong. Not eating quite as much via the bottle now as she was in the NICU, but doing fine and normal they say.

Stephanie said...


So happy to hear that she seems to be getting better little by little. Very good news about her kidneys! We are thinking of you all the time and praying for her to continue to get better.

Stephanie and Arthur