Saturday, June 21, 2008


On a side note I really wish the redsox would play a little better today.:)



marie said...

She is so adorable! She looks just like Chloe. Love your positive attitude too!

Unknown said...

Safiya is an amazing girl! Chloe is gonna be a great sister to her! how is Carol doing right now? We are all praying for her very much.

hoping all is well, Alyssa

Stephanie said...

Happy to hear that you are still a Red Sox fan! ;)


erin said...

Would you look at Safiya's fingers!! She's gonna be a piano player, I can feel it :-) It was nice to see you tonight. Great food & company! E

Langley said...

Hey there Scott. It's Langley Hoffman. I heard all about what is going on from Molly Chang and finally was able to find your blog. You are in mine and Jayson's constant thoughts and also, I would love to talk to you about watching your daughter(s)?? I stay at home now and and completely flexible and available! give me a call 360-761-9018.
Keep your positive thoughts!!