Saturday, June 21, 2008


Well another day has gone by.  Great to have all of Carol's family and see some of mine today.  Got to go out to eat with some family and Chloe.  Suprisingly Chloe is all about PF Changs?  Who knew?!?  

Carol has done well today, very similiar to that last couple days.  Her routine of blood pressure, heart rate and temp increasing during the day, and normalizing at night continues.  Maybe just trying to work it all out at day, and sleeping at night?  I may have said that already, can't remember.  Anyway,  not much has changed that would allow a surgeon to do surgery on her hand.  I know her finger tips don't look to good on that hand, but I swear the whole hand looks a little pinker today...maybe just me?

So I was mistaken on thinking Safiya would be getting out of there next week.  She is 35 weeks, and they say most likely she would leave a week or two before Carols due date (7/26).  So still 2-3 weels out.  Which is sort of ok with me, but sort of not.  I mean it will be great to get at least 2 of the 3 girls together.  But that will complicate things a bit.  Long term, I will probably need to hire some sort of help....maybe....I don't know.  Someone said to me today, and I think they are right, that what type of help I will need will sort of evolve over the coming months.  So thanks to all the family that have been helping with Chloe, and if anyone has any connections to a good nanny/retired nurse/ Mrs. Doubtfire in the Enumclaw area....keep me in your thoughts:)  



Erica said...

Safiya is beautiful!

Langley said...

Hey Scott, this is Langley Hoffman. I posted some daycare info on the 6/21/2008b log by accident instead of this one. take a look and give me a call if you are interested. :) We are thinking of you and your family!!