Monday, June 23, 2008


Good evening all.  Well I will tell you how the night went, and answer people question from the last post. 
  Apparently, in severe sepsis, your adrenal glands can get messed up and stop working.  They regulate hormones, that regulate inflammation, a bunch of other stuff, Calcium, Potassium, and other levels.  I was racking my brain today as well as the doctors as to why her temp, heart rate etc would still all be super elevated, if there was no obvious signs of infection, and has been on both broad heavy duty, and specific antiobiotics. They also tapered each antibiotic over the last week to decide if it was one of those causing the temperatures.  

So at around 6 they decided to humor me and give her some steroids (similar to what the adrenal glands produce), and what do you know her temp and everything go down for the first time in 3 days.  Could just be coincidence.  Who knows.  Either way good to see the 105 degree temperature from today go away.  

The "sedation vacation" was a success, and they anticipate getting her off of the ventilator by weekend.  She keeps trying to breathe on her own.  She had her eyes open while I was there, I think tried to talk, grimmaced alot, moved both arms and legs (albeit very small amounts).  Her pupils are dilating normally to light stimulation.

The vascular surgeons came by again, and again don't think she is stable enough to do surgery yet.  They did another doppler of each appendage, and unlike the first ones on her legs, they could not detect a pulse near both ankles.  Which sucks, but they said def not definitive of anything.  All four appendages look pinker to Heath and I, and she has moved them, not the fingers and toes obviously.

She gave the nurse a scare today.  Her C-section incision (which is still stapled, as they hadn't wanted to take them out yet due to bleeding risk), started bleeding today.  Blamed it on the Heparin(coumadin) and stopped administering it.  Which kind of sucks for her left hand, if you have been following along. They are going to remove the staples tomorrow.  

I gotta a good look at her whole body unbandaged tonight.  Her left calf has a decent 4 by 1 area which looks pretty necrosed, and is the first area I have seen that will most likely need to be cleaned up and skin grafted.  She looks to be getting a similiar area near her bellybutton.

Safiya got her first bath tonight.  She is doing well.  I took Chloe out to dinner as well after work, so all in all a busy day.  

Hopefully that answers most of the current questions.  Here's hoping her vitals will stabilize with the hormone they are giving her.  



Erica said...
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Amy Storch said...

I'm happy to hear that they started her on the steroids. Some people aren't fond of the side effects but it should prove to reduce inflammation all around. It sure helped me!

I'm thrilled that she is making such wonderful progress in most areas. We will keep our fingers crossed that blood flow gets better.

Did you get the Rehab without walls info?

Thinking of you all!!!


hatch said...

Thank-you so much for keeping us all updated on Carol. I have known Carol since middle school and I know she is very strong and determined. That strength will see her through this. I just wanted to let you that I am know I am praying for Carol and you are both in my thoughts.

You two have a beautiful family!
Kim (Johnson) Hatch

Stephanie said...


Good news! You've been an amazing advocate for Carol!! We are keeping up the prayers.


charity mcconnell said...

i am so happy to read tonight blogs, we have been pray for carol and you...I am pray that you guys get thru today, and then go for tomarrow, it makes each little step seem so my plan is to get you and carol on the boat by carol that..i plan to take my 2week vation the last week of july and im donating it to you and carol to help with anything you need, for the girls or around the house so lrt me now if you need and thing ok.. your doing so great carol one thing at a time..your loved..can't wait to see you and the girls