Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Hello all!! Carol continues to do well. Big issues this morning....
Her blood pressure was extremely high (140/8osomething)? they gave her something to bring it down. Her temperature is high (103). Ultrasound show considerable fluid in Pleural Cavity , and they think the blood pressure and temp are related to that somehow? That's being relayed to me, so I am not sure how that all would equate to eachother as of yet. In anycase, they are going to remove that fluid somehow. Guessing that means more needles.

I will write more as I hear it!!



Tyra said...

Hi Scott. My name is Tyra Andrews and I used to work with carol at the mgh diabetes center along with a my mom cheryl. My sister use to come visit us up there a lot especially carol who she loves. Things didn't work out so well for us there but we have moved on. We are so sorry to hear about this sudden change in events that has taken place with your family. Speaking of family you guys have a beautiful little girl (ok so she looks more like carol!!!) My sister and I sent a postcard with ourselves along with my nephew little eddie on it. We hope you guys recieved it, we haven't got it back so hopefully you got it. anyways we just want to let you know that you are in our hearts and prayers. We hope that you are also taking care of yourself because your strentgh is needed much more now than ever for your daughter who also in the hospital but seems to be a fighter just like her mom and your friend, and other half, your wife. You are all in our prayers and we wish the best for you guys stay stong and always keep your head up. Love always Tyra, Shauna and Cheryl!!!!!

St. Hilaire Sisters said...

Hi Scott,
I missed you when I dropped by today. Carol looks much better and much more comfortable than last week! Thank you for your updates. We love you all!
Nicole, Lucelia, and Jesse

Amy Storch said...

As Paula Abdhul said, "Two steps forward; one step back". Actually I think Scott said that most recently. Sounds like they're still confident and aren't as concerned with tackling any obstacles that come at Carol. I'm glad the ultrasound didn't show anything else alarming.
How are the oxygen levels and other vitals? How are her fingers and toes looking?

Scott and Carol Decker said...

Amy, her vitals are pretty good except temp is around 103, and bp is actually high today. She has been getting more and more fluid around her lungs. They plan on taking some sort of needle through the ribs an into the lining of her lungs and taking it out, and testing it. They are thinking that this may be the focal point of her infection now...which would make sense since it is Strep. pnuemonia.

Scott and Carol Decker said...

Nice to hear from you Tyra, and Cheryl!!

Brandee Hogg said...

Hi Scott....I am Jim and Judy's friend from the Tricities. We over here just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you and your beautiful family. My daughter, Kendyl is anxious for Carol to get better so you can bring Chloe back here to play with her again. They played together at Jim and Judy's after the funeral. We look forward to seeing Carol and your new little one. Give Carol our love and stay strong everything is going to be alright!!!!

Love The Hogg Family

Stephanie said...


Thanks so much for the updates. Carol means so much to us and it is hard being so far away! Wish we could do more.

Whatever happened with the hypofunctioning spleen work up? Carol is so lucky to have you and your family rallying around her!

Stephanie & Arthur

kat said...

Scott hey it is Kat from kindermusik and the Rainier Grill. Wow I am so sorry to hear about Carol. I am also happy to hear that you have a new member or the family. I know we hardly know one another but if there is absolutely anything I can do for you or your family please don't hesitate to call on me. I am available on Tuesdays and Thursdays if there is anything you need. I am sure you could use a moment to breathe. Is visiting for family only or could I go and see her? Hang in there I am praying for you and your family.
Kat and Cooper

Cathy said...

Scott and family~
Know that we are all thinking of you and Carol and you are all in our prayers. Congrats on your beautiful new daughter. Keep being strong and know that you have a community behind your family.
Rick & cathy smith

joe mccleary said...

scot you dont know me but im shawn friend and work partner and have known the gier/vances for a long time we are all thinking of you all and hope your doing well joe,cristy,gus,and bee take care,joe

Unknown said...

Hi Scott
This is Dr Tepper – I seen your Mom in the office today and heard of the horrible news: very upsetting!!! Please let me know if I can be of any help to you and your family. I hope that all of this will go away fast so you all can get back to a normal family life again... I wish Carol a fast recovery: God bless and keep strong! – we are all thinking of you and your Loved ones; You are in our hearts. This hits home since my wife is 6 months pregnant… This can happen to anyone…
Warm regards, Michael

Harry Hayter said...


I write with prayers of hope,health and recovery in my heart for Carol and your family. Shawn informed me of Carol's situation last week. It is late in Boston (here on business) and I just wanted to extend my support for you in this situation. Stay strong for your family. I will continue to check Carol's condition with this wonderful service that you are providing for those of us that are concerned.
With love and prayers, Harry