Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Carol made it up to the hospital yesterday smoothly. The room and facilities seem nice. A little bit rough emotionally yesterday, this morning. A little tough coming home, and then having to go back. But, we are thinking is might as well get it going. Her daily schedule is pretty filled with all types of therapy (physical, occupational, hand, psycholigical, etc.). So 6-8 weeks of this. She will be able to come home on the weekends. For anyone wanting to visit, please contact me personally for the room number. Best times to visit are the lunch time hours, 11-2, and evenings.

Well barring any insurance incidents it looks like we have this whole rehab paid for thanks to all of you. Thanks....


Saturday, September 27, 2008


safiya chilln in a chair and a picture of Chloe that just made me laugh


Nice mellow sunny day. Just thought I would post another thank you to everyone who came and gave financial and moral support at the the Enumclaw Fundraiser. Truly humbling....$60,000 was raised..yes $60,000!!!!!!! We have no words.......but thanks and tears. Thanks to everyone involved and special thanks to Denice and Tina who put it all together and apparently should do fund raisers as a full time job.

Carol will be starting her inpatient rehab at harborview on Monday. They will be working her toward her personal goals 3-5 hours a day 5 days a week.

scott and carol

Thursday, September 25, 2008


So busy day for Carol. She had appointments with doctors at Harborview from 10-2 basically. They feel she has healed well enough to begin inpatient rehab already. It is up to us when to start it, but we are leaning too sooner than later. I need to discuss the logistics with doctors and family tomorrow. Carol of course is a little mixed on going back so soon, just getting back to see her daughters and all. But still the sooner it begins the sooner she can walk and do things she wants to do.

In 2 weeks her back wound has gone from about a 16x 24 in patch to a 4x4 patch and her right hip looks great as well. Will post on what decide tomorrow. Thanks again for all the support. I think I will be finding out how much was raised at the enumclaw fundraiser tomorrow, and will post on that as well. Thanks, and Carol says hello to all paying attention.



So real quick before my day gets hectic. Carol is doing well. We both had a very good night of sleep. She has a busy day of doctors appointments in Seattle. One for her back and leg wound. An initial amputation rehab consultation to determine how close we are to initiating that. And finally a hand rehab. She is having seperate hand therapy for her right hand to try and regain as much function as possible there.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well after a great night of sleep, a great day for Carol. Carol got mad at her rehab without walls, and complained of not working her enough. So they are upping her workouts. This prompted an extra amputee consult on Thursday at harborview to see is she is ready earlier to get things going prosthetic wise. Her back and hips are looking great. Amazing what can happen in a week.

write more in the morni


Monday, September 22, 2008


Well we made it through the weekend. Lot's work at home and getting out and about. We are getting the hang of it. Carol wanted me to thank everyone involved with the fundraiser...she had a great time.

Thanks Denice and everyone at the hospital who organized it. At some point I will figure out a way to send thank you cards to everyone involved...just give me a little bit of time for it. Thanks

To friends of Carol's that have been wanting to get in touch with her...feel free to stop by at the house anytime....there is no better time during the day..it's all the same. Well let's just say after 9 am. You can also start trying to reach her by her cell phone, I have gotten her bluetooth headset up and running and she will periodically have it on. Thanks


Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well all I can say is thank you all soooo uch. The fundraiser was huge. We don't have the words to express our thanks. Carol had a wonderful day. Thank you everyone!!!

scott, carol, chloe, safiya

Friday, September 19, 2008


Thank goodness for all the family help Carol I recieve. Carol is off to a burn unit wound check up at harbor view this morning. Her mom and brothers are taking her to that. The girls are with Jim and Judy. And I am at work.... we resecheduled mondays patients to today, before knowing Carol would have an appointment today.

We are looking forward to the BBQ tomorrow. I am planning on coming with the girls, and Carol wants to go for awhile, but we will see. Apparently KOMO news will be there, sounds like a good time for sure.

Her appointment went well....still need to do the same things for another week as far as her wound care things.


Thursday, September 18, 2008


Wow, thanks for all the comments and thoughts everyone. Her wounds on her hips and back are seeming to get better, although she is still in alot of pain on her back. The rehab seems to be going well, although I thought they would be working her more than they are. I may need to call and get some extra rehab going. The rehab program we have lined up, although good, appears to build there program around what our insurance will cover:(.

Carol's famiily has been in town this entire week making taking care of the girls and Carol so much easier, but not easy. Lifting Carol right now is tough due to her back. Once that heals it will be much easier for 1 person to do the lifting. What else......Chloe and Safiya are doing very well. Both have been a little sniffly this week. Thanks again everyone.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Hey Scott!

I wanted to let you know that I have set aside November 1st for the portrait day fundraiser for your family. I’m working on the details for getting the word out and hopefully it will have so much interest there will need to be a second day!! J

Here’s what I want to do:

People come down to my studio in Tacoma and have their family/kids etc photographs taken. Normally I charge for the session but instead, they can donate to your family in lieu of the session fee. 100% of that would go to you. Whatever prints they order, 50% of the profit will go towards your family. I figure this will be perfect timing for Christmas photos so hopefully everyone will come for this event instead of a quick snapshot at the mall.

I have a friend working on putting together a press release so that we can send this out to the community and get things rolling.

Any thoughts?


your LIFE

your STYLE



Tuesday, September 16, 2008


A really big thank you to Lori for her fundraiser marathon. To Erica for her cool silent auction....and to everyone who played golf last weekend. I don't even feel comfortable saying how much money has been raised in the last 2 weeks.....thanks



Well I have been without a computer for a few days, apologies for not keeping everyone in the loop.

Carol is home now...we got her home about 7 pm last night. The house is a little frantic, or at least I am there, trying to find places for everything, and the best way to do everything.

Carol is doing pretty well...her back is still in a lot of pain. Hopefully that will get better now at home.

I will post more tonight hopefully. Thank you everyone for all of your generosity.


Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well Carol is doing well. A little nervous about the move, and her back is in some pain where they took the skin for grafting. Amazing when looking at her wounds that that is the only area hurting. Overall though she is very excited to get home. Day by day she is getting more movement all over. She is sitting up pretty well, scratched her own nose for the first time yesterday, brushed her teeth....so improvements are being seen.

She got a new private room...thank goodness. Anyone who has been in her room the last week knows what I am talking about. Much of the week has been alot of planning for next week and the coming month or two. I think we have just about everything I can think of ready, although much as the rest of the this, I am sure things will evolve as the situation changes.

The girls have a busy day as well. Safiya has a doctors appointment in Seattle, and Chloe has music class. Chloe has apparently decided this week she is going to be a movie star. I don't know who tought her to say it but....funny nonetheless.

I am overwhelmed by the response to Carol's situation since being on the tv.....thank you everybody.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


And if anyone didn't see the news last night, and for others around the country.

goto www.komonews.com and Carol has a story on the front page.



So I haven't had a chance to write much the last couple days. Very busy at work, and with the obvious home stuff. Many balls are rolling to make Carol get home early next week. The sooner the better. Her MRSA and C. Diff seem to be gone, but she has another hospital resistant infection on her back, which I have never heard of. I think we have everything pretty well lined up for home.

I think I may spend the day helping Carol's family find a temporary rental in town for the next couple months. So if anyonw knows of a short term house for rent....let me know. thanks

thank for the meals the last week molly, anne, and langley. And thanks whoever took out my garbage this morning:)


Monday, September 8, 2008


well busiest day eva for me. not much to pust since i don't know what has happened today...so I will get back at it in a bit.


Friday, September 5, 2008


So just got out of the meeting with all of Carol's medical team, and much of Carol's family and mine and Chloe down for a nap. Carol was at the meeting as well in her wheel chair and looking very good, and inputting on the future plan. So here is where we go from here.

Carol will be completely tubeless a little later tonight and the hospital feels her acute care is over, as do we. Her arms hands and legs are healing well, she brushed her own teeth for the first time today. The general situation is that she is not quite ready for inpatient rehab yet. We want to wait a bit until she is prosthetic ready, which may be weeks or a couple months away. Hospital care during this time is not needed. So we have decided to bring her home and have in house interim rehab (Rehab without walls...thanks amy) for the time being. And then get her back up here for inpatient rehab when everything is right. We have much coordination to take care of before we can do this, and this will be done over the next week. Rehab will come to our house for a scope of reasons. Vision stuff, mobility stuff, etc and figure out what we need to do at home to make this work. Her wound care at home will be minimal, and will mostly be hygienic stuff. Exciting but a little nervous at the same time. Carol is a bit nervous for it, but it should be great having her home. The goal is a week from Monday. Thank harborview and swedish for everything you have done to make this happen.



Quilt CD

So one of Carol's friends in Boston, has started something called a voice quilt. You call a number, and enter a code, and leave a message, and then it's put onto a cd. If you want to leave a message for Carol the number and code are below.

877-687-7845, # 44949

thought it was sort of a cool idea.


Thursday, September 4, 2008


So the trach came out tonight and Carol is doing well. She got in a wheel chair for the first time today. Her spirits are pretty good, and many rehab people saw her today. We will meet with a whole team a people tomorrow to discuss where we go from here. Will report when I can.



Well hello everyone....
So the fundraiser's seem to have raised much excitement and some confusion.

There are two silent auctions going on. One through Erica's blog/website. I think what is on there is what is on there. If you want to contact her to donate something...her email is ericathur4@yahoo.com thanks

There is also a silent auction happening at the Enumclaw BBQ thing on 9/20/2008. Donations to that may be a little more appropriate. Please contact Denise Baxter at 360-802-9778 or email at ddhlbaxter@msn.com

thanks again everyone.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Another Fundraiser to post about. This one is in Enumclaw on 9/20/2008 Thanks Denise and the Enumclaw Hospital.


So real quick....

Carol got moved out of the ICU to the 8th floor at Harborview...into a big quiet room..very nice indeed. Her trach is still in, but the balloon in her neck is out, and the trach is capped. It will probably come out tomorrow or the day after. Regardless she can talk very well now. She is doing very good, and excited to get things going. Nothing really going on this week though. Another week of just getting better with increased pt/ot. There will be an inpatient rehab consultation on thursday, and a game plan from there with a family powwow with the doctors on Friday.