Friday, June 10, 2011


Well it's been three years today.....happy birthday Safiya!! Thought I should leave a small post today and just say that everything is going fine. Life progresses health wise for Carol all the time, she walks, is a great mom and wife, and everything else a "normal" family is. She continues to get new prosthetics for her legs every once in awhile as needed. She is going to have her final right leg surgery before the holidays this year. There is a bone regrowth somewhere, that's makes it hard to walk on for long lengths of time. She doesn't ever really wear her left arm prosthetic, she finds she is more comfortable and do more without it. She goes to a hand therapist to work on her right hand every week, and a physical therapist in Puyallup who has a lot of experience with amputees. I would say the biggest changes with Carol the last couple months is that she really seems to have a good oversight of the house, not that she wasn't doing well at that before, but now pretty much I have no idea what is going on there schedule wise, and it all is getting done, because she manages it all:) The girls are also doing well, still small, but growing. Thanks for all the support. The Deckers