Monday, June 23, 2008

thank you

I don't know who all is reading the comments on this blog but i do have a idea as to how many people are reading the blog it's self. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your prayers, thank you for your visits, thank you for your contributions, tears and smiles. Carol has always been amazing to me, I know very few people how have her innate nature of selflessness and love. I read your comments and cry, not because I am sad but because I realize she has touched so many lives and has so many people who love her too. I look forward to tears and smiles while helping her send thank you letters. Heath


Scott and Carol Decker said...

Heath, you hacked into the blog!!!

karianne said...

My prayers are with all of you! Carol has always been a fighter and I know she'll pull through this a strong as ever. Love you girl! Get well super soon.

Kari Deines

Amy Storch said...


I'm so thrilled to see how much love a brother can have for a little sister. The way you are all caring for Carol and calming her is what will help her through this. Carol is truly blessed to have such an amazing husband and family.


rose said...

Scott & Family:
I stopped by this morning but Carol was having a new IV Line placed. I'll try to stop by later. Sounds like you and family are all hanging in there. Keep it up. It would be great to get Carol off the Vent! Can't wait to see Safiya!


Cindy said...


Dick & I want you to know how much we pray for a speedy recovery of Carol.I read this blog two to three times a day. I know that Carol will be fine and be able to be home to take care of Chloe and Safiya and you. Please know that our prayers are with you all.
Love you much,
Dick & Cindy Williams

Candie said...


My prayers are with your entire family!! I've known Carol since Middle School. I keep hearing her laugh ringing in my ears!!! She has such a vibrant laugh. Carol is a very strong and determined person I know she will pull thru with flying colors. Thanks for keeping us updated on her condition!! :-)

Candie (Russert) Lansing

Unknown said...

Decker family~
All of us on 6SW are pulling for Carol and your entire family. I'm so sorry about your experience with Plastics, Scott...You've been amazing through all of this! Keep asking the tough questions and being a number one advocate for Carol's healthcare and know that you have so many people praying for Carol and her wonderful family!