Saturday, January 24, 2009


Nice to hear from you Samantha in Oregon....although duck shirts are not allowed in this house:). Carol will be in touch at some point, and was touched by your letter. Interesting story from Brazil. It shows how lucky we have been through all this. I remeber how worried the doctors were about internal bleeding issues and permanent brain and organ issues from it, and we had none, and her kidneys miraculously started working again. Anywho how bout some pictures from the last couple weeks...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Just wanted to send some additional thanks out to some people while I have a quick second.

Everyone at the Sanders Christmas party who donated to Carol's healthcare fund...thanks!!!!

Jennie Hulbert, and Mandy Rawlings....big thank you.

And the people who got pictures taken by Willow photography in Tacoma...thanks!!! Your pictures all looked very cool.

Just wanted you all to know we really appreciate all the ongoing efforts people are making for us. It's been hard for me to get a second to say thank you lately, and just wanted you to know":)

scott, carol, chloe, and safiya

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well I have been getting alot people asking about what's going on due to my lack of posting...apologies.. Been a rough couple week with her future surgery, and Safiya has been getting up every couple hours at sleep for me has been at a minimum...especially this week. The inlaws are here giving me a break right ...which is great.

Carol is doing fairly well. She hasn't set the next surgery date for sure...but it will probably be in February. Plans have been made to keep her busy rehabbing after while she is healing with blind issues. Organizing things in the house, and putting certain sticky thing on everything to make them identifiable. Many other things on those lines. I have been busy on trying to find a house for us to live in/buy. WE rent now, and longterm no house at least here will be turn key for us. I think we can make anything work, but a specific bath and kitchen remodel would be nice wherever we end up.

No real health changes for Carol. Her finger from the burn is almost healed. She is still getting up on her legs although painful.
She has been having some visual changes. Her pupils aren't really dilated like they used to be for some reason. You know when you see a blind person, there pupils are always very dilated, as was Carol's. There are times she thinks she is seeing shadows, blues, and bright light. Who knows.

Safiya has started eating rice cereal and other stuff. She is getting much taller lately. She said dada for the first time on the 15th ( a couple days ago). More later.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Well a little bit of a rough couple days for Carol. She got her xrays back from Harborview yesterday on her legs, hand, and arm.

Her right leg has 2 bone spurs which explain alot of the pain she has been having while trying to walk. Each are about a half inch long. The are between her fibia and on each of them. Her left arm also has exposed bone again and needs to be corrected. All this means another leg surgery, and another arm surgery, and about 6 weeks of not using them at all. They are talking about doing another in hospital rehab after that. She will need to be refitted for all the prosthetics again after the recovery time. Something she needed soon anyway. She is pretty disheartened by all of it, but I think we both knew it was coming. The arm surgery will shorten it another 1/2 to 3/4 inch. The leg surgery shouldn't change the length. So another 1 step forward and a couple back.....the timing of all this is to be determined. On a brighter note, she finally got her computer today. It talks to her, and she can talk to it. She has a bunch of training on it over the future.


Saturday, January 3, 2009


Well a very god weekend this far. Lot's of work today and yesterday for me at the office. And Carol was busy in Seattle yesterday getting a procedure called and emg. More poking and prodding to determine how well her nerves are working down in her right hand. We had Chloe's official bday party today. Was a blast...thanks to everyone who came. Again these are the types of things Carol normally handled in it's entirety. I just take direction from Carol on what she want to have done, at least for now.

Healthwise for Carol:
1. her burn on her finger is healing up very well
2. harborview looked at her left arm from the last surgery, and they are going to send her back to have it closed again.

3. real changes there really. Carol as strangle as it sounds thinks she is seeing some things from time-time. Most of the thigs she thinks she is seeing sounds very hallucinations. If I haven't said it before, this can be normal after losing sight. She did however say saw Chloe's shadow when putting her to bed. Another really weird happened today. She woke from a nap in complete brightness. Normally everything is black. It really freaked her out.

I'll post pic's of the party soon. As always thank you thank you thank you a million thank you's for all the support you have all shown to us. Without all of your help, thoughts, prayers, I know we wouldn't be where are right now, getting better.