Monday, June 16, 2008


So to answer a couple questions first. She kept waking up....grimmacing may be a better word, when moving her. They wanted to keep moving and changing out her dressings on her skin to prevent bed sores, and other issues. They have since given her more sedation so that she won't do that anymore. But they were going to originally lighten her sedation for a little bit, just to make sure she was still having brain function...which she does since she is moving a bit.

No big changes to report....we/she just needs to keep on keep'n on. Minor temperature again, but managed with ice around the head. A vascular suregon may be moving her dialysis line. He initially put it down by her groin in the right femoral, but probably will be moved to her neck. The skin where it is, has kind of sloughed and they are afraid of getting a secondary infection down there, and possible that is where her mild fever is coming from.

The nurses got some connection to some burn supplies from harborview. Her skin has sloughed pretty much and it appears it is just the top layers of skin effected. So they got a special burn wrap/dressing from harborview that only is changed weekly. As opposed to every 5 hours or so, as that is how it's been for a few days. The hopes is that will all heal with no grafting needed. A plastic surgeon still has not consulted yet. Hopefully tomorrow.

She officially lost 1.3 lb's today, which is great becuase she gained about 10 lbs of liquid weight since being here. I got to wash and brush her hair tonight....don't want dreads when this is all over. Although that would be kind of cool.....

I remebered to finally call our pediatrician...Carol used to handle those details...sorry. She is in great hands where she is he said. Funny guy, brilliant, but wears different colored socks kind of doctor...if you know what I mean.

again thanks everyone!


Papa and Mama Folk said...

Scott.. we just heard.. Our prayers are with your family and let us know if we can do anything..We are here for you.
Chris and Kim Folk

todd storch said...

Thanks for the updates Scott, keep on keep'n on!

Walgreen said...

Scott & Carol,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you often. You are both such amazing people. Words can not even begin to express the longing that we feel in our hearts to help you. Thank you so much for keeping us posted on progress, and please let us know if we can do anything for you or your family.
-The Walgreen Family (Kellie, Eric, and Ella)

Scott and Carol Decker said...

thanks todd, chris, kim, and walgreen family.

It's not letting me blog a private message to you eric, I hope you guys are doing's been too long. Text me your contact info at 206-714-6284.