Thursday, May 6, 2010


Well what is new. It is late, and I thought I would leave a post. Haven't done one from home in a long time. Usually do a rushed update at work these days.

So the unpacking continues....this way different than renting. This being our first owned place...we or maybe I have a larger sense of doing things the right way, and every little scratch in something is more upsetting than it ever has been. For some reasons Safiya keeps coloring all the walls, something she has never done anywhere else. Chloe broke her wrist/arm on Sunday doing a summersault (sp?) over the sofa onto the single pane HUGE window in the living room....the window she has been explicitly told to not mess with. Anyway...Tuesday was a busy day for nanny and Carol at her pediatrician getting that all taken care of. She has a really small arm's funny. For some reason Safiya has had a runny nose ever since we moved in here....This morning was the first time they actually seemed to sleep in normally. Here's hoping that trend will continue.

Things have been moving forward with our small remodel to the house. I hope it is all done in a couple months. What else has been going on......Carol is going right along. She has this place super organized, at least what has been set up so far. There is an assigned place for everything, especially in the kitchen. The weather has been not so good here, so we haven't actually spent much time outside in our yard, but hope to this weekend. I got Carol a hammock for mother's day. Something she has wanted since we bought the house. We'll see how that works out. Health/rehab wise Carol got some sort of final impression/mold for her current legs today. I will try and post some new pictures soon, once I find where the camera is. Thanks for all the support, and attention on Facebook.