Monday, June 30, 2008


Well most of her levels are doing great except for when she wakes up. There has been a noticeable change obviously when talking to her. But when she wakes up, she is in a panic. So the thought today is to get her off the versed (as they can cause nightmares and hallucination...thanks willa) and put her on something else. Heath just told me they are also planning on doing an ultrasound of her heart, not sure why yet, maybe just preventative since her heart has been beating so high for so long (3 weeks tomorrow). Will post more later.

What the heck happened to my yard and Enumclaw last night. I came home to a disaster zone in my back yard?



Cindy said...

I can't tell you how brave you are. Strong family genes! I am so pleased that Carol & Safiya bonded. It did bring tears to my eyes also. Thanks so much for keeping everyone informed about Carol's progress. As always, you are all in our prayers. Your mom keeps us informed too.
Love ya lots,

Amy Storch said...

LOL! We had an electrical storm. I didn't look at our backyard but I heard stuff flying. That or we moved your home to Kansas while you were away.

I'm happy to hear that Carol is staying steady. Avoiding the hallucinations is a good idea. It'll calm her a lot more. You may even want to tell her that some of the dreams she had may not have been real. It takes awhile to sort that out. I think you're smart to repeat that everything is fine and the girls are well.

It's so awesome to hear that she got to feel the sweet soft skin of her baby girl. Did you take a picture? I know it's a tough time but it may be something she wants to see in the future.

I'm glad to hear you're holding up ok Scott. It's ok to get pissed. It will keep those docs on their toes.

Scott and Carol Decker said...

Apparently many pictures were taken via camera phones...i didn't realize it that time. at some point i will figure out how to get them from my phone to my computer.q