Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Another improving day for Carol. It seems with the drug changes, her eyes "look" better to me, although she still can't see. They don't seem so dilated all the time, and are changing again with light. They hadn't been for a few days.

She ventured into some new foods again tonight, and handled a little of it.
She had 2 sessions of physical therapy, which from what I understand went well. She feels like she had a good day. She got to see Safiya, but doesn't really remember it. Her wounds look like they are improving I am told. The nurses keep moving and wetting her dressings every couple of hours. I may have said it before, but one of the reassuring things about the wound care here, is the confidence in which they are doing they have done this a million times before. From the doctors to the every single nurse.

They are going to change her trach out pretty soon to one in which they feel comfortable putting the cap thing on so she can talk again. Apparently not what they usually do, but they seem to agree it will give her some much needed independence.

Carol has slept very well the last couple nights. Especially well last night. The methadone seems to be working in that it is more of a long acting analgesic, so she doesn't wake up every couple hours in pain. They are giving it to her as a liquid through a feeding tube. The doctors here think maybe she was getting it iv at Swedish. She felt it was giving her strange hallucinations that way, and had it stopped. But it seems to be going well now.

Had dinner again with Chloe and Safiya...thank you Erickson's for dinner. The nanny situation is working out wonderfully. Chloe learned how to say "nanny" today. It may have taken her awhile to walk...but she can really say alot of things for her age. Safiya had her first shots/immunizations today. My mom and dad took her to that. It was the first time mom has seen her cry in pain. I haven't either. It's always tough seeing your babies cry in pain. To be honest though, Safiya is such a good mellow kid...rarely cries, except whe she is hungry, then you feed her, and instantly better. Much mellower than Chloe' at that point. Although I don't see her as much as I did Chloe up to this point.

Well that will do it I think for the night. Early morning tomorrow!!!



marie bailey said...

Exciting news! Thanks for the update. Will continue to pray and send positive thoughts.

Love and Hugs,

Lori said...

Thrilled to hear the positive update. Glad to hear her meds are helping her sleep better. I hope all goes well with the trach thing. I think that will help her heal, just to be able to talk again. You seem to be so intune with her. Very Impressed. Praying always.
Lori Stafford

Jared said...

Have been reading your daily "journal." My heart goes out to you, we just had our 3rd son on the 26th of June, I can only imagine what challenges you both face. We are praying for both of you.

Brandee Hogg said...


I know it's going to be a long day for you today! But I am so excited to here that things are finally progressing with her wound care and to hear that Carol seems to have more frequent "better" days. Hang in there all of you! Give the kids a big hug from their extended family here in the tricities.

Brandee Hogg

megan said...

Ya-hoo!!! We love good news. Give Carol big hugs from us! Always thinking of you.
Love Meg

caimariemo said...

Hi Scott, I'm just reading your blog from start- to here so far. Amazing progress Carol has made, she appears to be one strong woman with a wonderful husband and two beautiful girls. My prayers are with you and your family. I heard here in Boston about your familys journey through my family in Portland OR & I will too pass the word to others to continue praying for Carol!

On another minor note you do mention Carols eyes again in this post. (I work with an Ophthalmologist so I have been some what familiar with this portion of her struggles.) You may notice her eyes reacting to light again due to her being off the scopolamine patch for that will keep the eyes dilated even days after using the patch. Anyway my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family -- stay strong!