Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Carol got moved yesterday at 2:00 pm to harborview. She is in the burn unit on the 9th floor. Visitation is slightly more restricted in that big groups in the room won't work as well as at Swedish, although anyone can come visit her, and she we would love it. As far as the facilities, let's just say Swedish is a little more comforatable, but we expected that. The staff there are very nice.

As expected when going to a new facility, some adjustments are taking a little to get used to. New pain medication protocols, led to a few hours of getting them used to Carol and Carol getting used to them. Respiratory protocol at harborview don't allow for the kind of cap on her trach that allowed her to talk. We have to cover the trach with your hand now and let her talk that way. If you are there and want to talk to her, let a nurse help you do it the first time. Visitors are still allowed. Parking is really expensive. What else...

The evening went well. Right when we got there the doctors and nurses said they had been expecting and hearing of Carol for several weeks. So everyone was pretty on the up and up of what was going on. First thing was to sedate her and take a look at the wounds for infections, and change the dressing to their standard. The wounds showed some small amount of infection superficially. The labs that came back, like at Swedish, showed no systemic infection. So her systemic antibiotics will be stopped today, and a topical type on the dressings begun, one that Swedish was afraid of using on her. The wearing of gowns around her has also been discontinued.

The dressings used have some sort of sulfa based medication in them. If you have been following along since the beginning, Swedish wanted to use this, but was afraid to due to her allergy to sulfa medications. Harborview decided to give it a go and just watch her to see if she had an allergic reaction. None..so good times. The plan today is to have wound rounds around 10 with the attending doctor (Dr . Gilbran), and come up with a plan.



rose said...

Big changes!! I'm excited that Carol will be getting the new wound care routine started. Harborview is a different world than Swedish, but that can be a good thing. My thoughts and prayers continue with you all. I hope the pain control for Carol is transitioned well too. Steady progress expected, with high hopes of smooth sailing from here on out.

Kellie said...

Sounds like positive news, which is wonderful. We hope Carol can get as comfortable as possible quickly. We are always thinking of you both and continue to be amazed at your strength as individuals and as a team.
Love, Kellie and Eric

Brandee Hogg said...

I am so glad to hear of the LONG awaited changes! Hopefully, this is exactly what she needs to get this healing jump started to Carol's liking!! (although, I'm quite sure not fast enough for her) And who could blame her!! We are sending her and you all our love, thoughts and prayers. Keep up the excellent work Scott, you are amazing!!

The Hogg's
(tri-cities family)

Ally Van Leuvan said...

We're glad the transfer went smoothly!

Although some of the comforts of Swedish are gone, she's in the right place.

Thank you for the update, Scott. Should we just send cards for her to Harborview's main address and add 9th floor on it?

Love and prayers,
Ally & Pete

Scott & Carol Decker said...

Ally, I am not quite sure on the cards thing, but I will find out. She is not in her permanent home there yet. She still is in a shared room, and will be moved soon I am told