Sunday, July 6, 2008


Hello everyone. Carol had a pretty steady day today. One fever spike for about an hour. Other than several times waking up confused she did great today.

So things will for sure get put in order to move Carol to Harborview tomorrow. Many people have contributed to and spoken with the right people over there, so that it seems she has an extremely good team assembled over there. They are : will be primarily watching over her

under the supervision I am told of :

Dr. Smith is supposed to be the best is the country for what he does. He is often gone doing things with the military.

We had another consult on the left hand. I haven't looked at it in about a week. Apparently it is not looking that good either, but not an emergent threat or anything. So we will be waiting on doing anything there for now.

Just everyone know, there is a guestbook in Carol's room now, and if you come and visit and she is asleep or you just don't feel like speaking to her or whatever, feel free to sign it or leave her a message there. It will on the desk in her room. Thanks to all the friends and family over this week and month.

I am honestly trying to keep up on a thankyou list....but it is hard to keep up with all the incoming gifts, calls, comments, and every other little thing. So thank you, and apologies if the thank you card takes a bit to get to you.



the piccolos said...

Scott - Your strength is unbelievable and is matched only by Carol's fight to be back with her family. I think that even "Miss Manners" would tell you that Thank you notes aren't necessary in such a situation. Spend your energy on your wife and the girls. I will pray that the move to Harborview goes smoothly today and that the weekend's events help Carol to turn the corner toward healing. I wish I could be there to help with Chloe and Safiya when she comes home this week. You've all come a long way - keep up the good fight. Love you all- Kathryn

Dawn Bowerman said...

Now we are getting somewhere, right? Forward movement is great and can only mean good things for Carol. I look forward to the day when all of your girls are in the same place....home.

marie bailey said...

Hey Scott!

So happy she is finally going to Harborview. Praying they will speed up her healing so she can come home and be with you and the girls. I also don't think anyone would care if they got a thank you card from you. You should focus on the positive and not worry about thank you cards. Keep staying strong and thank you for the blogs!
Sending Love and Hugs,
Marie & Family

Amy Storch said...

I had a dream about the homecoming party we will have for Carol. It was a lot of smiles and three beautiful Decker girls. We shared stories, had some laughs, and a few tears.
I'm not much of a cook but I will bring some good dessert...


Amy Storch said...

Considering Dr. Foy studied in Nebraska I am going to guess he's a good doctor. It's not like there's anything else to do in Nebraska besides study medicine!!! LOL! I'm sure Carol is in the best hands possible :)


the piccolos said...

I'm going to ask that you skip the thank you notes and instead send out invitations to Carol's coming home party - I would be there with bells on! Looking forward to nothing but good news from here on...Kathryn

marie bailey said...

I agree with the party and not thank you notes! We'll be there and wouldn't miss it! Praying for a speedy recovery!

Also, emailed Jim or Judy regarding the account for Carol. They said to make it out to either of you and ref. the benevolent acct. since you have a personal acct. too. I've had a few friends ask. They/me were confused how to make the check out.

erin said...

Scott, you are hilarious! Thank you notes are exactly what Carol would be thinking of doing too but I agree with the sentiment of sending out invites to her coming home party...I will help with addressing them for you even!! I am playing over her "that's hilarious dude" in my head smiling right now. Keep yourself up and know we'll do whatever we need to for you!