Monday, July 7, 2008


Well another mellow day.  Carol was asleep for most of the day.  No fevers.  Mellow heart rate.  I got her to wake up and had a long conversation with her.  She tries to talk, but yes and no questions work best.  1 eye blink for yes, two for no.  She knows about her feet now.  I for obvious reasons was pretty choked up telling her, but it seemed I needed to.  She seemed to be more worried about me, and sort of knew something was going on down there.  But she for sure knows now.  She wanted Safiya in there, so I brought her in for abit.

Harborview is still being worked on.  The plan is like I said earlier, to continue to get her off the breathing support, and debride the other areas as needed.  They stopped one of the antibiotics she was on, from the prodding of her very cool night nurse Paul. Apparently her liver functions have been off for awhile, and it appeared after some research from Paul, that this antibiotic (Daptomycin?) could be causing it.  So her convinced the infectious disease doc to change it.  The nurses at Swedish are awesome, both for Carol and Safiya.  Thanks....I know you all are reading this.

I appreciate the late night phone calls and concerns from Carols friends and collegues across the country.  It's great to know she is in all your thoughts.  I tell her when you call or message, and she appreciates it.

I am doing well also, it feels good to know that Carol knows what is going on with her.  We have always approached things as a team, and not being able to discuss these things with her before they happen has been tough.



rose said...

You are so incredibly strong and smart. Every time I read your messages I am inspired. Having to make tough decisions without your life partner's input has to terribly hard. I saw Carol this morning. She looked so beautiful and comfortable. She was pretty sleepy(or drugged)though. Glad she was awake to talk to you tonight. Is Safiya still coming home this week? Talk to Dr. Demopulos about nanny service if you still need that. He uses a great one.

Take care, Rose

marie bailey said...

Hi Scott,

I'm so amazed by you! :) I'm sure that was the hardest conversation you've ever had. You have to be the strongest person I have ever met. How wonderful for Carol to have you fighting for her. What a truly inspiration you are.

I'm so happy Carol is much more stable and healing. Praying always and sending positive thoughts your way.

Glad your feeling good too!

Big Hugs and Love,

Stephanie said...


I hope things continue to move forward today. You've been so strong, Scott! I know that Carol learning of her surgery from you is important to her.

Thanks from me to all her nurses, too. Carol is an amazing person and always did everything she could for all of our patients, too!!

Please tell her we are thinking of her all the time and praying for her to make a speedy recovery and get home to you and the girls. It's hard to be so far away!


Ally Van Leuvan said...

We hope you are able to somehow find the comfort that you are bringing to Carol.

We'll take quiet, comfortable days. Slow and steady wins the race.

Cheers from all of the Boston nurses, to all of the Seattle nurses!! Carol is such a fun, sincere, playful, honest, loving and supportive friend. We thank you for caring for her the way we would!

Scott, give yourself and all the girls a big squeeze from us. We love you all.

Ally & Pete

the piccolos said...

Scott: I'll bet that Carol is more worried about you than herself - this is a lot for one person to face. You're doing a great job of taking care of your family. And you are never alone.
Here's to more uneventful days!
Love to you all - Kathryn

Tracy A. said...

I am so happy to hear that Carol is stable and doing better. I read your blog everyday and you truely are an inspiration. You both are such strong amazing people and are very lucky to have each other. Tell Carol that I love and miss her. She is in my thoughts everyday.


Amy Storch said...

Carol worrying about you is a testiment to the love you have for each other. I'm proud of you Scott!
I hope to visit Carol again soon. I know she needed peace and quiet for a little while.
Todd and I will help with Chloe and Safiya however we can. I know you have a lot of family but if you ever need a break maybe we can have a play date for Chloe and Cohen.

Lil' Miss Handiman said...

Scott, as I read your updates from day to day, you continually amaze me with your strentgh. Getting up each day and realizing that this isn't a dream has to be daunting, yet you continue to update family and friends and make difficult decisions for your family. Carol is an extremely lucky woman to have you. I am sure that whatever you choose she knows you will be making your best decisions for her and the girls.

Carol is such a fighter. She always has been, even from that very first day I met her in Mr. Jones' PE class. I told my dad I met a new friend in PE that day and come to find out our dad's had PE together too...with Mr. Jones's dad!

She's always been feisty and always lovable and for that she was always a joy to call friend. Carol, you are in my thoughts and prayers...and I can't wait to see you better and back to being with the good things in life, your beautiful babies and your amazing husband!

God's got your back girl!

All my love, Kari

Lil' Miss Handiman said...
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Monic said...

You are truly amazing!!! You are doing an excellent, excellent job. Everytime I read the blog I am soo amazed at your strength and love. Carol is in very good hands and I look forward to reading about her complete recovery.
Carol really is amazing and I know that she will keep on fighing until she is all better. I will continue to pray for her.


Aaron & SherRae said...

Glad to hear you can have the "team" back together. You are all so strong and so positive, it is amazing to me. Take care...SherRae