Sunday, July 27, 2008


Carol is sleeping at the moment so I thought I would take a second and blog. Carol's mom stayed with Carol the last couple days/nights which seems to be becoming customary on the weekend, so I can spend some time with the rest of the my family. I try to bring both girls up here to see Carol, but it's a little tough. Safiya is easy, but all Chloe wants to do is run up and down the halls, touch things she shouldn't etc.

Carol had a bad couple days, with out much sleep. The nurses gave her some Ambien to sleep last night, and she finally got a good nights' rest. When I called her this morning, she was pumped to get things going. She said " I feel good, I want to get out of here, give me two months and I am good". By the time I got to the hosiptal she had tuckered out a little bit, but still determined. Funny what a little sleep can do for you.....

Apologies for not writing every day, there isn't a whole lot to write. She is very stable now, and it's just a get better kind of thing. She needs alot of TLC now though.....she get's hot then cold, then uncomfortable, doesn't like to be alone, needs ice, then her face cleaned, then her hair brushed, then her teeth brushed. etc. Plus she is getting very bored. I went and got some books on CD for her, but even then it is hard, becuase she can't press play, stop, rewind, etc. I think half of her needing so much right now is just to interact with someone. She wants to talk about things, anything. As I am writing this, that actually makes sense. I've been wondering why she wants all these things so much more than she normally would. I think she just needs interaction. We have had someone here at all times the last week, if I am not here. If she is alone for more than a half hour or so, she has one of the nurses call me to find out what's going on. So if you have been holding back on coming to see her, and have wanted too, now is a great time. I guess she has even said so today....

The physical therapy and occupational therapy on her hand and legs continues and she continues to progress there. I told her that once she can touch her head, which she almost can, I will program a bluetooth headseat so she can answer calls, and do voice command calls. It was funny, she immediately started trying to raise her hand to her head. She also sat up on her own for a couple minutes by herself today. So that was good....

As far as all the grafting goes..I will try and answer a couple question, and I apologize for a somewhat pissy post before. Basically Dr. Luu didn't think that enough quality tissue engineered skin could be made in a timely manner, plus it costly, how costly I don't know. My point was that I don't care the cost, I would make it work it out no matter what. I just wasn't presented with the option when I should have been in my opinion. I was looking through the blog, and we started talking about grafting as a real deal back on 6/15/2008. If we though it was going to be neccessary back then and the grafting takes 4-6 weeks to grow, why did we not start it then? I know it's not protocol, but it shows that when it comes to septic infection, there is not specific protocol. Just deal with the biggest deficit at the moment. Which, after living through this last month, I get. But I think this is an area in medicine where great improvements can/should be made. It is so rare though, training people could be a real issue.

Carol, is starting to eat a little bit now. We tried soup, grill cheese, a vanilla shake and applesauce for dinner. Went ok, but gave her a little stomach ache.

Anyway, I started this post a long time ago and forgot about it. Holler, if anyone has any questions. Carol will be at a new hospital, harborview at some point this week, most likely early in the week. I will post when and where, when I know for sure.




marie bailey said...

Hey Scott and Carol!

Wonderful news!!! I've prayed so much since your last blog and feel like He is answering. Thank you God. I'm glad she got rest and is eating. That is so awesome. Hang in there and keep fighting your both doing an incredible job. Thanks for the update. Totally understand how busy you are.

Love and Hugs,

jnbdecker1 said...

You go Scott!!! We are continually amazed at your knowledge and determination. You are doing such a great job advocating for her. We went through this with my mom and got so many things wrong. It's so important that you're documenting your concerns and the answers you're getting. Sometimes they take our ignorance for granted.

We stopped by Thursday night to see Carol, spent a few minutes with her, but she was sleeping from the PT. Let her know we love her, adore your darling daughters and we'll be seeing her this week sometime. WE LOVE YOU BOTH!!

Jay and Beth

drwtsn32 said...

Hey Scott,

Thanks for keeping us updated on Carol's progress! Please tell her hi for me, and give her my best; we went to school together. Best wishes on a speedy recovery!

-Rod Savard

hatch said...

Again thank-you so much for the way you keep us all informed on Carol. I am so glad that she has you in her corner. I plan on coming over to see her again soon. I will let you know before I do though. I really cannot wait to talk to her again. Hang in there Carol.

Stephanie said...

Hoping and praying that the transfer to Harborview goes well. I is the best move for her at this point.

Scott, I would LOVE to talk to Carol on the phone. Is there anyway I can call her and she can be on speaker? Who would answer the phone, etc? I know her east coast buddies all would love to chat with her.


the piccolos said...

Scott - thanks for blogging about even the most mundane details. It's great to hear that nothing "exciting" is going on - it means that recovery and healing are occurring. I'm sure Carol does want constant interaction - it's a good sign that her mind is working well but I'm sure she does seem more "needy".
We're still sending prayers and good healing thoughts your way everyday and I look forward to your blog entries - regardless of the content.
I may be out in Seattle in September to help another friend recover from surgery - I'll be sure to spend some time with Carol then.
Love to you all - Kathryn, Steve, and the twins

Lori said...

I'm dieing to come and visit again. I will make it their sometime this week. Glad to hear she got some good rest. Praying always.

Lori Stafford

KariAnne said...

Its so great to hear some positive news!

Carol, your progress never ceases to amaze me and I can't wait to get up there to see you! I am so happy you are alert and starting to feel better. Keep up the good fight girl, kickin' a** and takin' names! Can I say that on here? Well, I just did :)

Love you girl! Kari

Candie said...

Way to go Carol!!! Stay strong and keep fighting like the fighter your are!! :-) Can't wait to come see you again.

Love and prayers
Candie (Russert) Lansing

The Halls said...

I check the blog often to see Carol's progress. She really is a fighter! She has such courage and strength! We continue to pray for you both and your sweet girls. Tell Carol "hi" for me!
Kim Hall (Wiberg)

Marliss said...

I came across your blog as I was googling Dr. Swee Lian Tan. She will be putting a stent in my husband's carotid artery on Wednesday at Swedish. I ended up reading every entry and I am in complete and utter awe and amazement at your strength. I can't even begin to tell you how much your blogs have touched my heart. You don't know me and I don't know you, but you can believe that I will pray everyday for you to be graced with God's miracles! My prayers for Carol, you and your precious daughters that God will continue to work his healing.