Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So a good day say the doctors here for Carol. At the wound inspection and game plan meeting this morning....they said the wounds look great, and feel she was getting great wound care over at Swedish.

They seem to have a good plan in the works, regarding all facets of her care. She got a new lighter weight cast for her right hand so it will be easier to lift, but serve the same function of keeping her fingers extended. Her dressings were changed again. It's interesting at Swedish they were looking for dressings that required very few dressing changes, whereas here they want to be able to change them more easily and more frequently. They keep the dressing pretty wet here.

They are going to have someone come look at her vision again, although they think the workup was pretty complete at Swedish. It seems everyone is pretty optomisitc that it may return. They will be switching some of her med's to see if it will alter it abit for the better.

They want to do some grafting on Friday. They will be allograft grafts, entirely from cadavers. This idea is to see where those grafts take, and that will tell them which areas are ready for her own skin to take, thereby reducing the total amount of grafting needed. The back is still the most likely area for the grafting donor site. They will let that take effect for 5 days; so wednesday they will check it out. Like Dr. Luu at Swedish, they want to heal the wounds and graft as quickly as possible to limit pain and infection possibility.

I asked about rehab and prosthetics. I was assured that that would all be covered and included in her care here, but they wouldn't get involved really until after the grafting. So it seems, the quicker we get this grafting stuff going, the quicker Carol can get out of here.

What else.....Chloe and Safiya are doing great. They really seem to be enjoying Erin (nanny/helper extrordinare). Safiya, although having a narrower head, like mine, is getting nice big puffy cheeks. She has nighter brown hair, and blue eyes still. But, Chloe had blue eyes for a long time. Chloe and I had a really good dinner tonight together consisting of baby sweet potatos from gerber, a stuffed pepper thing that had rice meat, and other stuff in it...she loved it, and she normally hates rice. And then of course a brownie. Thanks sis jarvis. Thanks to all the people who have been making us dinner for the last 3 weeks...... Safiya has a doctor appt with her pediatrician. Probably more shots, and our big issue is that we can't get her keep down her iron drops (polyviflor multi). She throws it up everytime. night

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Linda Jenner said...

Wow! On to recovery! I just knew when she got to Harborview things would really start to happen. Way to go Decker Family!

Ally Van Leuvan said...

Hi Scott,

It sounds like they have a good plan in place for Carol.

In regards to her vision, what are the theories? Do they think it is inflammation, trauma from the DIC, or a medication reaction? Maybe all of the above, too.

Please let her know that we are thinking of her all the time. You both are being sent more positive vibes than you could ever imagine.

Glad the girls are doing well! Give Ralphie a chin scratch for us!!

Lots of love,
Ally & Pete

Stephanie said...


So happy that things at Harborview are moving forward. Sounds like she is getting great care. I'll be praying that her vision improves day by day and with the med changes.

Happy, too, that the girls are doing well. I had to laugh at your comment about the stuffed pepper...being greek and all.


Scott & Carol Decker said...

Yeah, it doesn't seem there are any real theories. maybe ischemia like the legs. seems wierd for me that that would be the case, and brain function would be normal on the mri. Not clots were noted on mri or clinical check of eyes. I think it may be from the med's. They are switching her to methadone today to get her off of fentanyl, oxy, and others. Maybe that will help?

Stephanie, is that a greek dish or something? I will have Carol on the phone with you two sometime this weekend.


Ally Van Leuvan said...


You've made me VERY happy!!! It would mean the world to me to speak with Carol this weekend!!

Thanks for the information on Carol's vision.


marie bailey said...

Hi Scott, I'm so happy that she is at Harborview! Let the healing begin. Praying constantly.

Love and Hugs,

Stephanie said...

Yes, it is a greek dish. Tell Carol that Chloe thought it was "gorgeous" ... she'll chuckle.

I would LOVE to talk to Carol. Can't wait to hear her voice.


Erica said...

Sincerely "Thank you, Scott!" for the continued updates! I know how busy your life is at this time.

After the witnessed drama created re:skin grafting the other day, I am so pleased to hear of the new and improved (-my humble opinion alone) options Harborview is presenting. I'm hoping that has given Carol some needed comfort as well.

Please give her all my love!