Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well another busy day for all of us. Carol explained her day to me as good and bad. She feels she is recovering, but there was an incident of giving her too much morphine this morning which stopped her breathing she wasn't too happy about.

There was a question at least with Heath and I if she knew about her left hand since I hadn't told her. We talked about it tonight, and she thought she had lost both her hands. So learning she still had one was an optimisitc thing for her.

Her fevers keep coming and going. She keeps having bowel issues, which for the people that know her well, know that is nothing new. She has ulcerative colitis for those that don't know. She requires daily medicine for that....which she hasn't had since she got here. I swear I have told them about this and who her gi doc is up here 4 or 5 times...anyway they called him and he they did a sigmoidoscopy. It looked great, and they just started her on her normal gi med's. So..not where the fevers are coming from.

Again they want to try moving her central iv line, as those are foreign objects and can cause infection. The idea was to a PIC line...which is a catheter in her axilla that goes to her heart. The ultrasound showed her veins to be very small. Her platelets are very high, even though she get's heparin daily. So there is some very real worry of venous thrombosis in doing a PIC. So another judgment call will have to be made by us I think by tomorrow. Leave it, move it to her other sublcavian with having the same infection risk, or do the PIC and risk another thrombotic/clotic event. The doc's want to think about it over night. That's when you know it's not a decision to be taken lightly, and when they ask me to sign a consent to do so. All and all not the hugest deal but....anyway.

I brought up again the possiblity of brain malfuction in the temperature regulation areas or maybe pitutary issues. So why not do the MRI. They said it's possible, but low on the totem pole, becuase what would you do if there was....just wait it out.

All in all she is good spirits. Thanks for all the visitors during the day and night. She really is enjoying seeing friendly faces.

We met with our future nanny/helper tonight. She is great..and importantly Carol has gotten to be in on the decision about that, and state what is important to her for the girls and their care. We feel really good about our choice. Thanks too all the people who have offered help in this regard...you have no idea how appreciative we are. Thanks to Carol's and my family through all this, without you and all your help this would be unimaginable.



erin said...

I am so relieved Carol got to be in on this important decision for who is to care for the girls and eventually help with her too! I am sure you both made the best decision possible. Please tell her we are thinking of her and give Carol a big squeeze for us. The boys ask about her every day!

Amy Storch said...

So, is it possible you could call on another "ologist"? Hematologists deal with blood, right? Could they have a stronger opinion that would help you decide what is best for Carol?
I know many chemo patients have terrible veins and deal with hospitalizations and needs for PIC lines. I bring up chemo because most oncologists are also hematologists.
I didn't have great veins while in the hospital but I don't know to what degree (in comparison with Carol). However, I had PIC lines in both arms. Again, my veins could have been fair-not sure.

How easily would the doctors be able to detect venous thrombosis? If they can catch it quickly would a filter be a sufficient fix. I also had a filter placed in my groin area due to a blood clot.

Feel free to disregard my questions if they don't raise good points. I just desperately want to help (I'm sure everyone does!).

I'm glad the sigmoidoscopy went well. It's not like Carol needed to be in a flare on top of all of this.

Hopefully you will get some rest now that you have a nanny on your side :)

I can't wait to see her again.


The Vastbinders said...

I am so happy that carol is doing better. prayers have been answer probably not the way that everyone hoped. At least Carol will still feel the warmth of her family around her and feel the sweet hugs of those darling little girls.

Ally Van Leuvan said...

It's so great that Carol got to choose the nanny with you, Scott. It will allow her to know her girls are being well cared for, while she is in PT/OT.

You have made such wonderfully educated decisions with Carol's care so far, I'm sure the right decision will be made in regards to the PICC line, too.

Love you guys.

Ally & Pete

marie bailey said...

Hey Scott!

It is very cool she got to be part of making the decision regarding the nanny. Maybe she is strong enough to help make the decisions that come up with her health as well? You've done a great job so far, so...I trust you'll continue! Thanks again for the blog, you can't imagine the comments I get from the prayer chain. I'll print them out to give to you and Carol and you can read them when you want.

Big Hugs to Carol and You,

marie bailey said...
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Nyce Mommy said...

Hi Scott & Carol,

I don't know if Carol remembers me, but I was one of her neighbor's growing up and she went to school with my brother Jim, anyway Kim Hatch was at my house the other night and told me about this blog. I want you both to know how happy I am that Carol is doing better. We are praying for a swift recovery for Carol, comfort for your girls and strength for you as you and your family goes through this difficult time.

God Bless,
Amber (Perry) Nyce

megan said...

How awesome that Carol could be part of deciding child care for her babies. I'm sure it was so nice for you as well to have your team mate helping you make that choice. I really wish I could see both of you and the babe and Chloe. Tell her we love her and think of her everyday.

love megaroosky