Saturday, July 5, 2008


Well again one of those days where I have attempted to write another post but just haven't been able to quite come up with the right words. So this will be a pretty tough blog to read.

I don't know what Carol from here on out would want me to write or not I will just say that some of the big issues this week became emergent and had to be dealt with today. Carol is doing well now, and plans are moving forward to move her to harborview for her remaining wound healing, skin grafts, and other surgeries early next week. Since surgery today, although in pain, Carol is looking the best I have seen her since we got here. Thanks everyone!



marie bailey said...

Scott, I'm sorry this has happened and now she can heal and come home soon. We will pray for a fast and painless recovery. Please keep being strong. You're amazing with your strength and love. Constantly praying and have you all on my thoughts.

Love & big Hugs,

erin said...

We love you Scott. She did look amazing tonight! I am so happy I got to see her and talk to her and see that she responded so quickly! We are continuing to pray for her, we love her so much!!!

The Vastbinders said...

Big hugs to you and your family. I am glad she is turning the corner even under these circumstances.

Stacie Rucker said...

This is Stacie, Safiya's nurse today. Hope you don't mind me reading your blog. I just wanted to let you and your family know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers throughout the day and night - I'm praying for miracles, and am so happy that Safiya is doing so great and Carol is improving - she sounds like she is an amazing woman!

Linda Jenner said...

Scott, a few years ago my grandmother was run over by a car and ultimately transfered to Harborview. She received numerous skin grafts to her legs and thighs using pig skin. You could hardly tell where the grafts were and they took excellent care of her! Many thoughts & prayers from Jim & Judy's "family" in the Tri-Cities

Carol said...

Please know that your need for prayer has been heard by many, including myself, whom have never met you or your beautiful wife. WE ARE PRAYING! May God give you strength and peace in these coming days.

Candie said...

Hi Scott,
You don't know me but I've known Carol since 6th grade. Anywho, my family and I are going to be up there in Seattle for a post-op at Children's on Monday and was wondering if it would be ok to come and visit with Carol?

What a hard decision that was made today. I was praying for the best, but now she can start to heal.

My prayers continue to be with you!

Candie (Russert) Lansing

warriortrnr said...

Scott & Carol 2 angel girls:
I don't know what else we can say that hasn't already been said to comfort and bless your weary souls. Know that we love you, and that as we prayed together this morning for you both, the Spirit of the Lord comforted us, reassuring us that there are no bad things, only some hard things for each of us. We will walk this hard road as a family together, just like we did when our house burned and my dad died; just like when G-ma Parsons died; and so on; with our eyes fixed on the resurrection and our hearts knit together in faith. We are a family that thrives through the difficult.
We love you,
Sven & Ticia

Erica said...

Dearest Cyj,
I love you!
I love you for the person that you are~ for the caring and loving soul that makes you You!
Nothing can change that, Carol!
You are one of the most wonderful individuals I have ever known and I am completley lucky to have had you as a part of my life for such a long time now!
I can not express enough my gratitude in hearing that you are moving forward in your recovery and that you and I will share countless more wonderful moments in the years to come!
Impatiently counting down until I can sit face to face with you on Wednesday...

Ally Van Leuvan said...


We are so happy that Carol is looking better, and responding well! That is the goal.

We feel like any words we offer you are so insignificant. If there was a way to lighten your burden....we would certainly do it.

Prayers & Love,
Ally & Pete

Brandee Hogg said...

Dearest Scott,

I am so sorry to hear that you once again had to endure another difficult step. Carol is so very strong and even better a fighter!!! I am relieved that the burden of having to make today's decision's were taken out of your hands and know that this will be the moment when things will start to get better!!! I am so grateful that Carol is already looking much better and I know that in her heart she knows everyone around her and elsewhere love her and pray for her! You are ALL an amazing family! Your constantly in our prayers and thoughts. And thank you for showing our family what it is like to be the most steadfast, strong, resiliant loving people no matter what! It is such a great thing to witness!!

thinking of you all,
the Tricities "Vance" Family
The Hogg Family

Willow said...

scott all i can say is WOW. Holli is my long time friend and texted me to google you and i was absolutely shocked! i am so very sorry for your situation and i am glad to hear from your lastest post that carol is looking good. on a lighter note, isn't a blog the most wonderful thing for this? when things are heavy it can be too much just to say the same words over. the fact that you have enough energy to even type shows your strength...
hope everything continues to look up for you and your family. btw all your girls are very cute! :)

John said...

Dear Scott and Carol...Words are so hard to come by, but it is amazing to us the faith you put into your feelings...words to keep us informed. We pray for the Lord's wishes for Carol(your family) and know that he is with you and protecting you, guiding you, Our prayers are added to the many many that are pleaded in your behalf. God Bless your family. John and Marty McNab

Amy Storch said...


When I read your blog last night I wasn't able to come up with words to express what an amazing rock you have been for the Decker family.
Although there is the issue of time it is clear that Carol will heal and continue to make memories with all her friends and family that love her sooooo much.
Carol has made it this far because of your persistence, strength, knowledge, and courage.
Keep on keeping on!!!

mdemiter said...

Hi Scott, You don't know me but I've known Carol since elementary school. Carol has always been and continues to be such a strong, amazing person and because of her strength, despite the decisions that had to be made, she will prevail and continue to be the Carol we all know and love. Thank you for taking such great care of Carol and the girls (who are adorable by the way). Your love and devotion toward Carol is amazing! My thoughts and prayers are with all of you!

Hang in there!
Melissa (Wright) Demiter

Candie said...

After I went to bed last night, I started thinking.....(that's when I think the best) God has blessed you in so many ways..... Carol, Chloe, and your new baby girl Safiya. How do things like this happen.....? Then I just kept telling myself, well the Good Lord, has a bigger and better plan for Carol. Not much words of comfort, but I can tell, when you write about Carol that you truly are an amazing husband and father! Carol is so lucky to have you in her life. You truly are a solid rock! I can't even begin to imagine your pain, but know this, with all the blog comments, Carol has truly touch a lot of peoples lives for the better from coast to coast.

Thank you for taking such good care of such a wonderful person!!!

Love and Prayers,
Candie (Russert) Lansing

Stephanie said...

Scott and family,

You have all been an amazing support system for Carol. Your family has shown nothing but strength and love during this very difficult time. Carol will be so grateful that she has Scott, her girls and her extended family to help her in the days of recovery ahead.

Many thoughts and prayers,
Stephanie and family

Langley said...
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Langley said...

Hey Scott. Just wanted you to know that Jayson and I are thinking of you and your family every day! I am so sorry that you are having to go thru the difficult decisions of the last few weeks but you are an amazing inspiration and Carol and your girls are so lucky to have someone so strong on their side! I am happy to hear that your baby girl is doing so well and can come home! Whatever help you need with your girls, please know that I am still available for whatever you need. Just give me a call 360-761-9018, email me or just post a reply comment on your blog and let me know what you need, once you have had time to think about what will help you the most.
-Keep the faith and we will keep praying for you and yours!!

-Langley Hoffman and Jayson Chang

Melanie Heigaard said...

I was lying awake thinking of the road Carol has ahead of her, and it dawned on me that the girls will not remember this. The mother they will have when their memories have taken root will surely be the strongest most amazing woman they have ever seen. One who is strong and capable and healed, who is living with a handicap while raising a family. One who has an amazing husband and family and friends. A mother and a woman who has overcome, and you and those girls and her strength and her amazing circle of love will be the reason why. The road will be long and hard, but the future is a loving family. How lucky Chloe and Safiya are to have you as parents. You are in our prayers,

Lori said...

I don't know what to say. Thinking of you often. Thanks for being so strong for Carol and your babies. Carol is such an amazing woman. What a fighter! Thanks for posting the new pictures. I'm hoping to visit sometime this week. I hope that's not a problem.

Lori Stafford

Scott & Carol Decker said...

Thanks for everything everybody. You all make this so much easier. Lori, visit whenever you would like, I am sure Carol would love to see you. She will most likely be moved on Monday or Tuesday to Harborview. I will post details on that once I get them.