Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Well Carol was taken off the vent this morning about 6 when I got to the hospital before going to work. She has been off it all day, breathing on her own. They hope to just leave her off of it. Her legs are still in pain, so she get dilaudid boluses everyone in awhile. She has been very sleepy the last couple days.

Since our minds have shifted from her legs, arms, and breathing to a more stable condition. We started to ask her about her vision. When she looks at you, she kind looks past you. She has told me before that her vision is blurry, and other times she can't see. She had some experimental eye surgery when she was 8, and always has blurred vision for the first hour or so of the day, at least most days. So we are not sure what her visual status is, but a specialist is coming to look on Friday...a neuroopthomologist ( I learn of a new medical specialty everyday:)).

Safiya passed her car seat test, by setting upright in it with head held for a couple hours.

Thats about it for today!!



marie bailey said...

Hey Scott!

I'm so happy to read she is breathing on her own. Another hurdle down. I've passed on your blog to the prayer chain regarding her vision. I'm sure it is all the meds she has been on. I've got a good feeling about that. I'll still pray! Thanks for your blog. Super cool Safiya passed her car seat test. Does she go home sooner now? Keep fighting, you're doing an awesome job.

Love & Hugs,

Amy Storch said...

Yeah Carol! Any progress with Harborview? Is it possible with her recent progress that she can go to a room that is not in the ICU at Harborview?
Let's keep our fingers crossed that the eyes are just always trying to adjust because she's sleeping so much.
How are the LFTs? Can a doctor from Harborview get permission to do the skin grafts at Swedish? Or does it not matter how fast this happens?
Any update on the left hand or are they still waiting that out?
I'm so excited to see her improving daily.


rose said...

Wonderful news about the vent. I know what you mean about all the different "ology/ologist" in medical sub-specialty. Who knew?

I remember the silly car seat test. What a hoot. You place your kid in the car seat, set it on the floor and watch. It's like watching ice melt. When does Safiya come home? What a great day that will be.

Keep up the great job. Stay strong.
Love Rose

Lori said...

Scott - I got to see Carol and Safiya today. They are both so beautiful! Carol's breathing really sounded good. It was good to talk with her for a minute. What a strong women. Safiya is so cute! She looks so healthy. It looks like they are both being taken good care of. Thanks for all you do. You're such an example.

Lori Stafford

Stephanie said...


I am so happy that Carol is off the vent!! That is great news.
Congrats on Safiya passing her first "test". She is beautiful.

Thank you for the update.

Many thoughts and prayers,
Stephanie and family

Ally Van Leuvan said...

Hooray!!!! We are so happy to hear that Carol is off the vent!!! That is wicked awesome :) !

Safiya is strong, just like her parents! Glad she is doing so well. She is such a pretty baby.

Great news, Scott. Thanks!

Ally & Pete

the piccolos said...

Scott - You wouldn't believe how I look forward to your updates - and to hear that Carol is off the vent just made my week! Safiya is doing better than my Nicholas did - he had to go home in a premie carseat that looked more like a plastic shoe box cuz he couldn't keep his oxygen sats up when in a regular car seat!
You guys are making great strides now! I'll keep praying for the remaining issues - some of them may just take time.
Love and prayers - Kathryn

Samantha Cater said...

Hey Decker Family, my name is Samantha Cater and my mother is going through the same thing you're wife, Carol, is going through. We live here in Clackamas, Oregon and late June we took her to the ER for bad stomach pains. Within the next few hours they sent her up to ICU saying she wasn't going to survive. All of her organs were failing and her heart slowed down. The Doctor wrote she had virtually no chance of survival and she had to be resesatated (spelling?) once. She swelled up twice her size and started to blister all over her body. It was horrible. But my mom did it. She fought through it and proved the doctor wrong. The found out that it was streptoccucal pneumonia and it was in her whole blood stream. They put her on dialysis and began treating her for the strep.Eventually they moved her to the Oregon Burn Unit, where she's currently at, for the wounds that occured during this trying time. The blisters eventually popped causing open wounds all over. She's been at the burn unit for approximately a week and while she's been there, they had to remove both of her legs from below the knees down, her right arm from below the shoulder down, and her left hand from below the elbow down. All the tissue had died and there was no chance of saving it, they also said her odds would now be better with the removal of those limbs. They're anticipating taking her off of the breathing tube this saturday, which is going to be very difficult. Because she is going to realize what has happened to her and I can't imagine going through anything such as that. They anticipate her staying in the Burn Unit for 5-6 more weeks, with about 4-5 more surgeries for skin grafts.

It's amazing how something like this can hit so suddenly. I just wanted to let you know your family is not alone. My family is thinking and praying for your wife and if she's anything like my mom, which she seems to be, she's a fighter.

The Cater Family

P.S. We as well have a website. But I anticipate that we will start one of these blogs up, so that it will be alot easier.

Scott & Carol Decker said...


All I have to say is wow. Your story sounds identical. Do we know you? Apologies if I don't remember. I'll have to get your email address so I can bounce some stuff at you. Mine is

Thanks for the comments, and I hope your mother gets better soon. It sounds as if she is doing great now, if they are giving you those kind of numbers as far as hospital time. It's strange how life just keeps going on around you, when you have all this craziness happening in your own life. Thanks for your thoughts, and I will be thinking of you mom.


The Cater Family said...

Scott. Nope, we don't know eachother. We actually got a link to your blog from a friend of a friend who had heard about what was going on with your family through her work place. It was just kind of a coincidence that we found other people dealing with what we were dealing with. It feels good to know we're not alone though. My email is and we started a blogspot as well.
Please keep in touch. It would be nice to know what is happening with your wife as well. And I will be checking your blogs regularly.

The Caters

marie bailey said...

Hey Scott,

I can't believe someone else is going through this same thing as Carol. I got the chills when I read it and your comments back. I went to her mom's website and commented on her blog. I also copied and pasted what she said to you on my email to the prayer group I have praying for Carol. Unbelieveable!!!!! Thanks again for doing this blog. Amazing truly.

jnbdecker1 said...

So..this morning as I was snuggling with Ethan and Chloe, he said to me, "Mom, I like her skin. Why does she have such soft skin?" I explained about baby-smooth skin and baby fat that makes them irresistable. Then he said to me, "Mom. She has a pretty smile. I really like her smile." So...Cousin Ethan is in love with Chloe, almost as much as Uncle Jay. Thanks for letting us take care of your precious daughter. She is a delight, a spitfire and a joy.


skoen480 said...

wow, scott. we are only now becoming aware of all that is happening with you guys. justin and i want you to know that we will be praying for you all. what an amazing and capable couple you and carol are. safiya is beautiful, just like her sis.

justin and i love you guys and miss you.

sara koen