Monday, July 21, 2008


Carol was in surgery yesterday from 8-12:30 or so. All the needed debridements were done. Parts of the left leg were debrided again. The arms were done also. No skin graft were put on them, they were left open, with wound vac's over them, and tightly sealed them as well. After getting back, Carol has been in severe pain up until I left early this morning. Every two to three hours or so, she requires fentanyl and ativan for pain and anxiety, respectively. So I stayed the night with her last night, very rough night. But nonetheless it was nice to be in the room with her all night.

Today, was supposed to be an MRI, but I somehow doubt Carol is going to be able to stand to be inside an MRI for 45 minutes. Maybe tomorrow. Physical therapy will continue, especially on her right arm and hand. Thanks



Stephanie said...

Hope that Carol gets some rest and pain relief today. Please tell her how much we are thinking and praying for her. Wish we could be there to help you guys and visit with Carol.

Stephanie and family

Amy Storch said...

I'm happy to hear that they are doing this without skin grafts. Maybe this will shorten healing time and needed surgeries.

I had a great dream about Carol last night. Todd and I were visiting her in a new room. It was no longer ICU. She was sitting up, wearing her normal clothes, and eating a gourmet Swedish meal :)
She had a roommate that Carol had developed a close relationship with. The roommate was funny because she always wore a skirt and blouse. Carol would poke fun at her for being dressed up in a hospital:)
Also, Carol had her fingernails painted (which is weird because they say people don't dream in color). Anyways, I had been thinking about painting her nails when I visit her next. I remember how nice it was to be pampered. Feel free to steal this idea if you make it there before me(anyone).
Thanks for the updates Scott.


Ally Van Leuvan said...

Hi Scott,
I've seen VAC dressings work wonders!! Glad they were able to get all of the debriding done.

We are hoping she gets some decent pain relief!

Thank you for the update.

Ally & Pete

Scott & Carol Decker said...

She will still have skin graft hopefully in about two weeks.

Lori said...

Sounds painful, sorry to hear she's in so much pain. Praying for her. I'm hoping to visit tomorrow. Please let me know if you need me to do anything.

Lori Stafford

marie bailey said...

Thanks Scott for the update. I'm glad you got to stay with her all night. I'm sorry she is so much pain, that is hard to take when all you want to do is help her. Always praying. I wish God would listen more and take all this pain and heartache away!!!

Love & Hugs,

the piccolos said...

Scott - we use wound vacs on all of our wound infections and they dramatically speed the healing and reduce the risk of infection by pulling all of the excess ecretions away from the good, pink healing tissue. Good move! And I'm sure the plastic surgeons want to put off the skin grafting until they see how much those wounds will improve with conservative measures first. I can't even imagine how much pain Carol is in. I wish there was a way to make it go away. I'm sure it helps her to have you there. All of my NP friends at the Cleveland Clinic are amazed at the quality of care that Carol is receiving at Swedish. They all ask about Carol's progress when I go into work each weekend. Keep fighting - we're here with you and appreciate the updates.
Kathryn, Steve, Nick & Lilly