Monday, June 30, 2008


Well today Carol stayed pretty stable except for waking up. When she did, it apparently is really freaking her out. They think she may be having nightmares. Her skin on her legs and abdomen was debrided a little and look pink and healthy under the black layers. Her feet have pinked back up the last couple days, which is nice. It may be just me but they seem to do that for a couple days after each time they give her blood. A new ultrasound of her heart is showing that is working normally now. Apparently the last couple weeks ultrasounds have shown it not be functioning fully up to par....but it is now. I think I have met pretty much all the nurses up here, and I think a couple of them read this thing. Thanks for all that you are all doing. Thanks for taking care of Carol and Safiya when we are here and when we are not here. It's very reassuring to know they are in such compitent caring hands. Cheers to the nurses (too many to list at this point).



megan said...

We read the post late last night about Carol being with Safiya. We had a pretty good cry--it made me sooo happy. Especially it being so close to "our" due dates. It's great to hear that things are slowly improving.

Erica said...

"Thank you!" to all of the nurses from us as well!!

Ro's Lumpy Breast said...

That really is neat that Carol got to hold Safiya. I am also glad to hear things are going well with her heart and the coloring in her legs and hands. It seems that between you and the nurses she is being well taken care of. I hope you can figure out how to help her not be so paniced. I also wanted to let you know I read this a couple of days ago and didn't comments but wanted to. I loved what you had to tell people that come to visit to not be so sad that it is not helpful. I don't know if I got it just how you said it but I think you are so right. It is not a laughing matter but laughter and happiness are good medicine. Your family is in my thoughts often and prayers.

Candie said...

I think that is great that Carol was able to see and feel her baby girl! That must have been such a huge relief for her to know that her baby is ok. I'm so happy to hear that things are starting to look on the up and up. My prayers are with you. What a wonderful support system that she has!

The Vastbinders said...

I am glad that carol seems to be turning a good corner. Hopefully this is a start of a full recovery!

Nicole said...

Go Carol! Keep up the hard work.

I stopped by this afternoon. The nurse said to be quiet and then a doctor came by and said they were trying to lighten her meds so she can be a little more interactive. It was a little confusing. So, I talked to her, but I tried to use a soft voice and be soothing. Hope it was what she needed!

Also, while there I thought it would be nice to write a message to Carol. Would a notebook or guestbook be helpful, Scott? If so, I would be happy to bring something by tomorrow. Just thinking of more ways to show love and support for you all!

Scott & Carol Decker said...

Nicole, that would be great. Sorry for the confusion. It's been a confusing day. I'll explain more in a post later. But it's probably been one of the hardest days, except for the first couple, so far.

Erica said...

I have this book I made up that we talked about before for Carol that could be something to have at the hospital for anyone to write in. I could bring it with me on the 9th if that would be something you would like?
I am SO SORRY to hear this has been a very difficult day!!
Sending my love,

Dawn Bowerman said...

We love to hear that Carol is awake more and responding to people. I can only imagine how wonderful it is for her to be near her daughters. When I was in the hospital I was so worried about Lucy and it made me feel better to see and touch her. One of the last times I spent time with Carol is was at the home with her nana. She was there with Chloe and I remember thinking what a caring and loving mother she was. Durikng such a sad time I felt better just being around her and Chloe. Thank you, Scott for these updates-you are in our thoughts everyday.