Monday, June 23, 2008


Hello, I haven't taken the time to write much the last couple days. Apologies. Thanks to all the family and friends who stopped by to check on Carol Safiya this last week/weekend.

Not much new to report. Carol continues to have a moderate fever, and moderatlely high heart rate, and low blood pressure. It is baffling the doctors, and myself. I've reasked about checking her spleen, adrenal glands, and checking her skin for any necrotizing, but they all say these are fine.

She woke up enough yesterday to move her legs/feet. But seemed in pain so they increased her sedation again. I think they were going to try a "sedation vacation" today. For a short time the decrease the sedation to see how she does, and let her breaths some on her own.

I got to hang out with Safiya and Chloe quite a bit this weekend...which was cool. Both are doing well.



Ally Van Leuvan said...

Hey Scott,
We're so happy you had family around for some company and support.

What kind of respiratory support is Carol currently on?

Ally & Pete

Linda Jenner said...

Well, I finally figured out how to do this or you would have heard from me a long time ago! I have been emailing friends all over the country asking for their good thoughts & prayers. There are so many people with you in their thoughts as we are! Sefiya is a charmer just like her sister!

Nicole said...

Hi Scott,
I stopped by this afternoon and the nurse said they were changing her wraps today and would be able to see how her skin was doing. Any news there?
Heath also mentioned she did well breathing on her own. Great news! Go Carol!