Friday, June 20, 2008


So Carol had a slight fever and low bp until about 8 this morning, and has since mellowed down, and is looking good. I think am going to write about some of the not so pretty details here, so if you think it will bother you, just know she is doing well and I am having a vascualr surgeon look at her today, and end your reading here.

I called a vascular surgeon today becuase I want them to check on her left hand/wrist. It hasn't really warmed up and is still sort of blue, but normal color in other areas. All five finger tips are black and shrinking in size...she will lose the tips according to the surgeon. I conviced him to do another ultrasound of her entire left arm to check for blood flow, and see if surgery is a possibility if needed, since she is semi-stable and may be able to tolerate now if needed. That would be some sort of arterial surgery to reconnect blood flow if that's the issue. She will be losing a good portion of her right ring finger. He doesn't know about the other digits...he said the rest may come back even though they are a little dark...only time will tell.

Enjoy the sunshine!!



Stephanie said...


Safiya looks gorgeous just like her big sister!! Hope Carol has a better night tonight. Keeping up the prayers.


Brandee Hogg said...


What a BEAUTIFUL baby!! I am so glad that I finally get to see a picture of her. What a little miracle! We are still praying for you and your family over here on this side of the mountain. Give those babies a hug for us. And tell Carol we are thinking of her.

The Hogg's

Ally Van Leuvan said...

Safiya is precious! What a cutie-pie! You are a wonderful advocate for Carol, when she needs one the most. She sure picked an amazing husband, and best friend. It takes so much energy and courage to go through this. Please know we are sending you love and prayers.

Ally & Pete

Kellie said...

You are an absolutely amazing husband and father. We are thinking of you and Carol every day, thank you so much for the updates. The world should be made up of more remarkable people like you and Carol.
Best wishes from Boston,
Kellie, Eric and Ella Walgreen

Amy Storch said...

Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.

I truly hope that everyone echoes this example of love that Scott has shown for his family. What an amazing example of commitment, trust, faith, and love.

It's refreshing to witness a love so genuine and sincere.

Carol will surely awake more in love with her family and life than ever!