Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So end of day status for all.

All in all, everyone feels great about today.  Her temp and heart rose slightly at 1 oclock about.  Max temp was 101 and max heart rate was in the 110-120 range.  When I was there tonight, her heart rate really jumped when she woke up and realized it's me.  She would try to sit up, blink, etc.  Looks pretty uncomfortable, yet something she has to go through.  They are really wanting to get her off the ventilator by weekend, and it really seems like she could just pull that thing out now, and breathe fine.  Maybe, it's just me but it seems having people in there talking to her really close to her face, and being very emotional is counterproductive at this point.  She seems to understand, and also get emotional.  If I bring up Chloe or Safiya, she sort of starts crying. It's a tricky thing trying to figure out the right and wrong things to say as she needs to spend her energy on getting better.  I think if you are in the room with her, just reassuring her that she is safe is probably the thing to do, at least until she is extabated.  I notice that if I am in there, but out of sight a bit, her heart rate doesn't jump up quite so high...might just be me.  But if you are in her room, try to take notice of that...thanks!!:)

Enough of that, the vascular surgeon came by at my prodding to take another look at her left hand, and still feels she is not stable enough to do anything.  I need to call him tomorrow to get the full scoop on that.

Safiya had a little milestone of a day, gaining another 1.4 ounces over night.  She drank the full bottle on 3 of the 4 feedings today.  Normally she is out asleep after I feed her at night, but tonight she was wide awake for about an hour after she ate..throwing a semi tantrum.  I forgot already from Chloe what that was all about.  Tonight it ended up being a gas problem....I may have let her suck on an empty bottle for a couple minutes...oops.  Sportscenter was on..what can I say.

Chloe was wonderful as always!!!  Thanks for all the everything else.  Words can't explain my thankfulness I have for all of it.



marie bailey said...

All I can say is you're all an amazing family an I'm so thankful to know you all. God is so amazing to be answering prayers! Thank you God!!! Love your positive humor too :). We will continue to pray for all of you! Stay strong, Way to Go CAROL!!! Keep fighting!


Amy Storch said...

Once Carol is extebated she will be less panicked. Having the tube in your mouth causes chlostrophobia(sp?).
It's a frustrating time because she wants to talk to you but can't. She wants to ask questions but can't. I tried to write things to Todd but it was just scribbles. I got mad.
Maybe her heartbeat goes up because she's excited to see you :)
It is also possible that she had a lot of dreams while she slept and has questions based upon the mix of reality and what her mind is making up.
When I was extebated I thought for a couple of days that the hospital I was in was on a train-no joke! They are some good drugs! Turns out the motion of my air bed probably was helping me assume I was on a moving hospital.
My point? Um...I don't have the answer but I understand that it is tough trying to figure out the best way to be there for her. Thus far you have made all the right moves. Carol is probably thrilled to have you by her. Remember she doesn't know what she's been through. So, she's probably just confused as to why she has all the tubes???
I hope I am not overspeaking here. Just know that you and your family are amazing and have done an outstanding job pulling her through this.
What a miracle!


megan said...

Scott, we're still praying, cheering, crying, smiling, and hoping the best for you and the fam. We read the blog everyday and we're always thinking of you. You're a pretty amazing guy. We love you.

Stephanie said...


I can imagine she is emotional and will be even more emotional once she is extubated and not sedated. I agree with you that she needs to save her energy!! Things to take her mind off of things may help ...people visiting and telling her silly stuff; music; television (Friends dvd's, etc). I think some comic relief may go a long way and help keep the tears away! Ally and I can always help with this... ;) !!!


Amy Storch said...

Great ideas Stephanie! Maybe you can braid Carol's hair. I loved having that done while I was in the hospital.
I was also really craving a chocolate shake. So, as soon as I was allowed they brought in a large chocolate shake.

Nikki said...

Hey there, just really found out what was going on with Carol and the baby and want to send out my biggest hugs and prayers to her, the baby and the entire family. She's a fighter and I'm sure will give everyone a run for their money!

MUCH love,

Nikki and Kirja Bruzzichesi

da Halls said...

Hi, this is Kim Hall (Wiberg). I know you don't know me, but I went to high school with Carol. She was so fun to be around--and one thing that sticks out in my mind about her, too, is her laugh (someone mentioned that earlier). I am sorry to hear about everything going on, but am glad she is improving! You have a beautiful family, and we will remember you all in our prayers. Kim

Jodi said...

Hi, this is Jodi McDonald (Wiberg). My sister Kim told me about Carol and sent me your blog address. I'm so sorry to hear about all that you're going through and am happy to hear that things are improving. Carol's younger than me, but I have lots of fun memories of her at Girl's Camp. I remember she was quite "spunky" - so I know she can stay strong through this. And I can tell she has a strong support system for her there. Thank you for keeping us updated - our thoughts and prayers are with her and your family. Jodi and Mick

warriortrnr said...

Just wanted you to know that the Sluyters are reading, watching, and praying. We love you guys! Safiya is beautiful! I saw Chloe with g-ma at the St. Claire hospital. She seems to be doing so well and adjusting to everything wonderfully. What a precious spirit you have been blessed with. We pray for your endurance and comfort, Carol's continued healing, and for the girls's peace and comfort.