Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So the steroid did not do the trick.  

Her blood pressure and heart rate were better if not "rock solid" today.  Her temp fluctuated up to 103 again today.  The doctors and nursing staff are systematically narrowing down what the source is of this.

No blood cultures have showed anything for several days, her white blood cells are normal, and other blood levels are normal.  The nephrologist signed off on her today, so kidneys good.  They did more breathing trials and she did great.

They want to get her off the fentanyl and put her on something else.  She is very high doses of that, and still seems to be in a little pain, thus the switch to something else she "hasn't gotten used to."  this could be a cause.

In keeping with trying to figure out if there is an infection causing the temperatures, they may replace her main iv (which is in her subclavian).  no biggie, but this could be a cause.

Her OB took out her staples from the c-section to check it out.  There was some pretty old looking blood in the wound, explaining the little bit of oozing there from yesterday.  There also was a little bit of fat tissue necrosis.  Which was removed, the surrouding areas around it looked clean.  Tissue samples sent for cultures.  This could be a cause.

I think tomorrow I am going to press for the vascular surgeon to look and see if she is stable enough to work on her left hand. 

The nurses keep doing a great job of changing her dressings, moving her slightly, and inflating/deflating her bed they got at harboriew.  They are feeding her some crazy goo stuff still via her nose to stomach.  Not sure exactly what vitamins and minerals is in that.  There was some question to that end today.  I can find that out tomorrow.  



Ally Van Leuvan said...

Sorry to hear about the steroid. We were so hoping that was the "magic cure." Good news to hear that her blood pressure and heart rate were better. We are thrilled to hear about her kidneys! Thanks for the update, Scott. Not a second goes by, that Carol is not in our thoughts and prayers. Not one second.

Love to you.

Ally & Pete

Bryn & Blaine said...

Scott, I just want you to know what a special person Carol was to me. I was in Young Women's with her and I never heard her ever say anything unkind. She was such a good daughter to her mother which made me want to be a better person. Word is getting around about your families struggles and I know we are all praying for all of you. Bryn Wintrode Braithwaite