Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Carol had her what he hope to be her last surgery for some time in late February.  She had two bones in her right leg fused, in hopes it would be comfortable to walk on.  This morning was the first morning I saw her legs sitting by the bed in the morning versus her wheelchair in a couple months.....so she is healing up I would say.



Bonnie said...

God bless you and your sweet family. I keep you all in my prayers ever since I read your story of faith, love and family. I appreciate the updates and I am grateful to God you are all doing well. I will continue to pray for all of you and BTW, Carol officially rocks...forever! She is amazing and her outreach to others who have undergone the same situation makes her a true hero. Bonnie XO

Karrie Zylstra-Myton said...

Just wanted to say how impressed I was by Carol's talk at Bates this week. I didn't even make it to the beginning to hear her full story but something about her glowed as she showed us how she functions in everyday life and talked of her journey toward the end of her speaking. One of my friends who lives far asked if Carol has written a book. I hope she does so others can hear from her, too. I'll be back in October.

Julieann said...

Hi Scott and Carol! Thank you for the updates:) I so appreciate you letting us keep up with your family:)

Happy Mother's Day Carol!!


Julie said...

I agree. You're both heroes.