Monday, November 7, 2011


Wow, I haven't been able to post in this for some time due to not being able to log in, but finally got it squared away. It has been a busy year. Carol continues to amaze. She still does hand therapy on her right hand, which has alot of function now. She still doesn't wear a left hand prosthesis, she doesn't feel that it helps her much. It doesn't "sense" anything, so that is the issue there. Her legs are doing very well. She has therapy still out walking about, and she is getting good at walking on main roads safely. She has been getting training the the department of services for the blind on that for quite some time. Other things she has been busy with, besides the girls, are speaking a little bit. She seems to have some aspirations to do some, I don't know what exactly to call it, but people are interested in hearing her talk about herself, and she seems to like to do it. I don't really do her make up anymore, help her with food anymore. The only thing I really help Carol with is setting out her clothes in the morning, which she told me this last weekend I won't have to do much longer. She really has gained 95% of her independence back. The girls are 3 and 4 now. Chloe started preschool and is doing great there. they both are really blossoming lately, getting real smart, playing more and more outside. We have the same nanny, who is always great. She will be leaving us in March next year, so we will have to deal with getting someone new at that point. I tried to start explaining that one to the girls and turns out wasn't the best idea. All I heard for a couple days was "when is nanny leaving us? Tomorrow?" Both girls are doing girly stuff like ballet, and gymnastics, which they really love.
In January SELF magazine is doing a story on Carol. They have been out to the house a couple times this year planning for that and taking pictures. I will try and post somemore now that I can access this again. We had pictures done yesterday's at Willow's. Carol looks great in this picture!!


Janel said...

Carol looks amazing and beautiful! Just gorgeous! The family picture is stunning Scott!

So tickled to hear how you and Carol continue to grow and progress on this journey together.

Carol-you really do look fantastic and sexy! Keep up the amazing work!

Happy Holidays too!

Candie said...

What a great picture! Carol you look gorgeous! It was nice to see you guys, even if not under the best of circumstances. Hope you guys have a fan-tab-ulous Turkey Day! Can't wait to buy me a copy of SELF Mag to read the story! I'm sure it's going to be very inspiring!

naturegrams said...

Thank you, thank you for posting again. It was wonderful to see your beautiful family picture and find out what is going on in your lives. Carol, you are indeed an amazing woman. I hope you pursue your dream of being an inspirational speaker, because you truly are an inspiration.

I am in awe of all your family's accomplishments. Your daughters are both beautiful, just like their Mom. And Scott, you have to be a gem of a husband and father. Reading your blogspot just made my day. All best wishes!

megan said...

Love this picture and I'm so glad you posted again. I really need to talk to you guys.

Carlee said...

Scott, thanks for posting again. I am so happy that things are so great for you and your family. Carol is certqinly an inspiration. I can't wait to see the article that Self is doing!

Julieann said...

Thank you so much for the update:) The family picture is beautiful and Carol looks so lovely. I can't wait to read the article in Self, very exciting! I think Carol talking to other people is wonderful, we all want hope and I think Carol is a beautiful reminder that we can triumph through so many things.


Happy Thanksging:)


Unknown said...

I am SO thrilled you updated the blog and the photo is WONDERFUL. You mentioned alot about Carol- who is MIRACULOUS and the girls who are so lovely... but huge props to you for keeping it all together. HAPPY HOLIDAYS. You are all so blessed.

byLGD Glass Jewelry said...

so glad to hear from you and that all is going well. what a wonderful, wonderful family picture. :) happy holidays!

Mon said...

Carol looks stunning and so does your whole family!

Robin said...

It's amazing how well Carol is doing, that's great. She's come so far and had such a journey. You all look great. All the best.

marie said...

Great News and Happy to read the update. Carol looks BEAUTIFUL!!!

Always in my prayers

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Happy Birthday to Chloe too!


Dawn said...

Hi Scott & Carol,
I got a Self magazine delivered in the mail today and after skimming through all the pictures came to your article. I couldn't put it down. You are a beautiful and amazing family. You are an inspiration not just for being positive and fighting hard to make it through what almost killed you but also for being "real" and expressing the very low moments and real emotions too. I do believe you will help many people.
I googled your name to happily find this blog and will save it to check in.