Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Some friends of Carol's father and stepmother are putting on a golf tournament in the Tricities in honor of Carol. Thought I would post it so people could hear about it if they want to play.



sara koen said...

hey scott,

sorry to hear about carol's rough day. hopefully her bday celebration will bring some joy. just want to tell you thanks for all of your posts. i read the blog everyday. and pray for you and carol and the girls everyday. only wish i could be there to give hugs.

love you guys,


Scott & Carol Decker said...

thanks sara...:)

Stephanie said...

Wish we were in the area...Arthur and myself would be participating in the golf tournament.

I wish I could take away some of her pain. So sorry to hear about her bad day. Keep up the positive thoughts and we are sending them with love and prayers every moment of every day!

Stephanie and family

Ally Van Leuvan said...

Happy birthday, Carol!!!!! We wish you a comfortable day surrounded by the love of your family and friends!

Thinking of you today and every day.


Ally & Pete

Stephanie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROL. We love and miss you!!!

Stephanie, Arthur, Perry and Stella

Brandee Hogg said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROL!!! It's tradition in our family to sing so here it is. My daughter Kendyl is singing really loud so envision a loud 3 year old! ahem....Happy birthday to youuuuuuu, happy birthday to youuuuuu. Happy birthday dear Carolllllll happy birthday to you!!! And many more on channel 4! (kendyl) added that and a few cha cha cha's.

Happy Birthday!
The Hogg Family

Tracy Alter said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROL!! I hope all your birthday wishes come true!! I am always thinking of you!!


Lori said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a good time with your family. Thinking of you.

marie bailey said...

Happy Birthday Carol!!! Hope you have a sweet birthday.

Praying for you always! :)
Love and Hugs,

Kellie said...

Carol Happy, Happy Birthday!!
We love you and are always thinking of you. I'm sure Scott and the girls will be making the most of your birthday celebration today, enjoy!!

KariAnne said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Carol! I hope your day is the best it can be, I hope its filled with all the love and laughter you can stand. :)

Lots o' Luvs, Kari

Amy Storch said...

Feliz Cumpleanos para ti
Happy Birthday to you!

Cha Cha Cha!!!

I hope you enjoy your cake and family time. We'll have a big bash when you come home :)


Dawn Bowerman said...

Happy birthday, Carol!

David, Dawn, Jack, Noah & Lucy

The Springen's said...

Happy Birthday Carol!
You are in our thoughts and prayers!

Amy Springen (DAVIS) and family

Luanne said...

Hi Carol, HAppy Birthday. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily!!!!!
Love Luanne

Luanne said...

Hi Carol, Happy Birthday!! You are in my thoughts and prayers daily!!!!
Love, Luanne

Erica said...

Happy Birthday, Cyj!
Love, Erica

sara koen said...




Candie said...

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have special day with your wonderful family.
I'm always thinking of you and reading your blog everyday.
Golf Fundraiser sounds fun!!! :-)

Love always

hatch said...

Happy Birthday Carol!!! I wish I was there to celebrate with you! Instead please know that I am thinking about you always.
Love you,

Mark said...

Happy Birthday Carol!!! We hope and are excited to see you soon.


Mark and Dulce

Nicole said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love you, Carol! Hope you have a wonderful day! What can top having your family surround you?
Well, we won't be kidnapping you and making you wear funny clothes this year, but just know, Erica and I are not above doing that again some time.
Lots of love and prayers,
Nicole, Jesse, and Lucelia

sara koen said...

scott and carol,
i think about you guys everyday. love and miss you both. happy birthday carol! you fought for this one kiddo! we love you!


becky koen said...

Happy Birthday to the bravest girl we know. We pray for you every day. And we pray for Scott and Chloe and Safiya. Today we prayed Exodus 14:14 "The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still. We love you, Becky and Dean (Justin's parents in Amarillo)

kathy h said...

Carol, all your friends at mgh diabetes center are thinking of you today on your birthday as well as every single day! Much love from all, KathyH

Suzy said...

Happy Birthday Carol! Hoping you have a good day surrounded by family and friends. Keeping you in our prayers.