Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So Carol had a pretty good mellowday. A little bit of a rough morning. Some nightmares through the night and morning. Probably the methadone. She is sleeping now peacefully. Chloe and Safiya are doing well. Erin, the nanny is working out wonderfully. Chloe really seems to be adjusting to the situation well. I'll have to post some new pictures of Safiya soon. Even since the photos Erin my sister posted, she has grown. Her cheeks are getting all puffy.

I don't think I posted the events of yesterday. Carol had a little of a rough day. They did dressing changes, which is always very painful. They also showered/bathed her, which she described as the most painful thing she has ever endured. An opthomologist came by and looked at her eyes again. Her dilation issues seem to be better, but she still can't see, and can't see light/dark anymore at all. The opthomologist thought Carol was asleep, and spoke freely in front of her that this was a bad sign. It kind of ruined Carol's day shall we say. He then said things like the body does miracoulous things and that anything can happen. From the beginning I have been pretty real and logical about the possibility of amputations, etc. I could be wrong, and maybe just hopeful thinking, and I/we will be fine either way, but I think her eyes are going to be fine for some reason. Her MRI also still looks good. I asked the night Dr. (Dr. Jensen..really nice guy) if we should have the psychologist come by again, and he assured me she comes by a few times a week. Before she and I went to bed we did the normale brushing of the teeth, washing face, deoderant, and hair brushing.

When she wakes up she is always in pain. I don't think it is really clear that she is. There seems to be a big anxiety component for her, which I think, she then forces herself to feel pain, kind of cyclical. Not to negate the obvious painful situation, but I hope you see what I mean.

So her birthday is on Thursday, and I think we have things situated to have some cake and what not between 630-7ish. Thanks for all the ideas. I know people are getting/doing some neat things for her. More than anything she just wants to be home, so I think I am just going to try and bring some of home to her. Bring the girls up, her own pillow, and blanket, that sort of thing. Probably some godiva chocolate is in order as well...anywho..good night.

ps: happy birthday tomorrow Jo!!



Lori said...

Sorry to hear about Carols hard day, It sure sounds like you are so intune with her. I had a hard time remembering that she couldn't see, when I visited her. I bet she is so anxious to see the girls. I can't imagine how she is feeling. It sounds like you have a wonderful birthday planned. She's going to love it. Always praying for Carol and her loved ones.

Lori Stafford

marie bailey said...

Hey Scott! Just got home. I've talked with Shawn a few times today. I've been praying for Carol regarding her eyes and have positive feelings about them. I also have gifts for the girls that I wanted to send before we went on vacation. Kelly didn't get the address of where I should send them. If you could let me know where I should send them I'd appreciate that.:)mariebailey@cox.net

Praying hard for Carol and the rest of you. Lots of people are praying and can't believe what you've all been through and are still going through! Stay strong and remember we are praying and sending positive thoughts your way! You both are so amazing you can't imagine what kind of message you are sending out to people just by your love...:)

Love & Hugs,

Ally Van Leuvan said...

Hi Scott,

We are sorry to hear about Carol's difficult day. It couldn't have been a cake walk for you either.

The birthday ideas sound great! Hopefully, they will remind her that the hospital is temporary, and she will be home again.

Please give her smooches from us.

Love and prayers,

Ally & Pete

The Cater Family said...

Scott. Sorry to hear that Carol was having a difficult day but I know things will get better. She seems to be a very strong woman and now she has a guardian angel(my mother) up there to help her along the way to get through her trying times. Tell her the Cater's wish her a happy birthday!! And that she's in our thoughts and prayers everyday. I hope you're doing okay, I know how difficult this is for everyone!

The Caters