Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Well the surgery went very well. They placed new Integra on the arms and on all of the legs except a small spot on her right hip, which they placed allograft again. That is the only spot they have been able to culture mrsa..and her nose of course.

After the surgery she had a rough day as expected with pain. Thanks heath for sticking it out with her today. They are keeping her on the ventilator for the night, so she can be very sedated until tomorrow. Give her a chance to sleep well. Sleep well...



Amy Storch said...

I'm glad to hear she's making progress. I hope she feels well rested after her sedation.

I hope to visit her when things stabilize again.

Stay strong!


Ally Van Leuvan said...

Glad she is being kept comfortable, and that the surgery went well!

Thanks, Scott!

Ally & Pete

marie bailey said...

Thanks for the update! Cute picture of Chloe! I really hope and pray she is not in a lot of pain. Give her our love.

Love and Hugs,

Erica said...

So glad to hear the surgery went well and that she is resting!

P.S. Scott, To add video to your blog there should be a link button at the top when you have opened up the option for "new post." I believe it looks like a film strip icon and your videos can be added directly through that. There should also be an option for adding pictures there as well. Hope that's kinda helpful! (LOVE the pictures of the girls--Thank you!)

RO.MA. said...


This is Ana Fulton, Andrew,Sarah & Philip's younger sister. [I go by Roxana or Roxy now actually] :) My mom just sent me a link to your family's blog. I just heard about everything that has happened and all I can say is that you & your family are in my prayers Carol! Would it be possible for me to get your address? Sleep well Carol. Many many hugs and kisses!