Sunday, August 10, 2008


Well a pretty good weekend. A little rough day on Saturday which seems to be the norm the day after surgery. After getting a chance to see her wounds, amputations, and everythings else today...she is healing up pretty nicely. It's pretty amazing what your body can go through and look like, and just a few weeks later, the amount of healing that takes place, if given the chance.

A little bit of an eventful day for me yesterday. After Chloe's afternoon nap, she was brushing her teeth in my bathroom like normal. I was busy in my bedroom which is attached to the bathroom, making my bed or something, and hear behind me Chloe chomping on something. I look behind me and there is a pile of pills on the ground below her and she has some in her mouth chewing them. Without looking at what they are I forced my hand into her mouth to try and sweep out what ever it is...I got most of it, but she swallowed some, who knows how much. So I look down. It's dramamine, a few swear words ensued. Without even thinking to look how much was in the bottle originally or the mg dosage, I pick her up without even putting shoes on her, or getting all set with diapers, and make the couple minute drive to the hospital. It all ended well. Turns out she only may have taken 1-1.5 pills, and I know I got most of that out with my hand. She had to be observed for a few hours, and drink charcoal with chocolate. And the worst they thought would happen is an increase heart rate and hyperactivity. Great and even more hyper Chloe...just what I need. I just can't figure out how she got a child proof brand new travel size dramamine bottle open. Anyway, on another unrelated note. I hadn't been at the hospital 5 mintues sitting at the triage desk, and one of the triage people at the desk, which I nor Carol have ever met, expressed her interest in what is going on with Carol, and said she reads the blog everyday....thanks and nice to meet you.

Plan for this week for Carol is more of the same. Keep moving forward with the grafting. Hopefully her legs will get Integra, and her arms will get definitve grafting from her back. The long term game plan, at least as far as I know is as follows. After the final grafting has had initial healing, pt and ot will really ramp up again. They still do the pt and ot, but will all of the grafting which they need to leave alone as much as possible, it has gotten less so. When they ramp all that up, it will be 4-6 weeks of inpatient rehab at the hospital. This is part of why we wanted to get her here. They have one of the top 10 inpatient rehab centers in the US for this sort of thing. It's pretty expensive in comparison to most of the other places around here, about double of the next best place. The end goal, besides the obvious things, will be to get her into an electrical wheelchair. Most of the prosthetic stuff will be done as an outpatient rehab thing. Which can be anywhere, but I think I will continue all of that here as well. So from the time the last grafting taken from herself is done, we can plan on another 2 months in the hospital with rehab. So if all goes well another 2.5-3 months. November......crazy.....



Erica said...

Dear Scott,
As all of this STUFF continues and continues, YOU continue to amaze me with your ever-present optimistic attitude.

Thinking of you guys each and every day!

Bennett Family said...

I heard about your sweet family in Sacrament meeting today. My heart goes out to you. I wanted you to know what an inspiration you are and to tell you that you are in our thoughts and prayers. We will be fasting and praying for your family tomorrow along with several other members from our stake. I posted your story on my BLOG and requested the fasting and prayers of others as well (I hope that's okay-if not, please let me know and I will delete it.). Good luck to you and your beautiful family.

Stephanie said...


Thank goodness Chloe is okay! Toddlers are trouble for sure. ;) Great news that Carol is healing well after surgery and that rehab is right around the corner.

Stephanie and family

Ally Van Leuvan said...

Good grief! It sounds like the manufacturers need a new "Chloe proof" cap! We're so glad she's ok.

It doesn't shock us the scope of people this blog reaches. What has happened is devastating and inspiring to people all over.

It looks like this may be an extremely meaningful Thanksgiving for you, your family, and ALL of us!

Love you lots,

Ally & Pete

Carol said...

I had a similar experience with Grace this summer...

I blogged about it and found out that several people have had their toddlers get into medicine like that... Sheesh! It scared me to death!

I also wanted you to know that several of us here in Tri-Cities follow your blog regulary and pray for your family. You should look into getting a tracker thingy on your blog, I bet it would really lift your spirits and amaze you to see how many people are following your journey and keeping you in their prayers. I know of several, and none of us have ever met you, but we love you and are praying just the same... =)

I am glad that things are finally looking up and you are planning for rehab and life at HOME! What a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to. ;)

Nicole said...

Lucelia got one of those caps off when she was about 8 months old. Shows just how "child proof" they are! Thank goodness she is just fine!
Good to hear Carol is doing well. Keep up the hard work, Cyj!
Scott, does she have PT at set times or even approximate ones for visiting sake? When I went by on Tuesday she had just finished and was so tired she couldn't stay awake. I'm thrilled to visit her asleep or awake, but thought I would ask just case I can avoid those times. Thanks.

marie bailey said...

Hey Scott! I'm glad Chloe is okay! It is amazing how little ones can get into things they shouldn't. Courious minds.:) I'm so happy Carol is getting better everyday-all our prayers are being heard! Will always pray for Carol and the rest of you.


Lisa said...

Yes, you have a lot of people wanting to know how Carol is doing all of the time. I don't know her but she's in my prayers every single day. I want her out of pain and her eye sight back. That's what I'm praying for. For anyone reading what's going on it hits the very heart and soul and you are handling this so beautifully. You're very courageous! Keep up the good work. And thanks for updating us when you can. Go CAROL!! You can fight through this. We believe in YOU!