Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So very good night last night. I think the news of improvement has given her a little boost. Wanted to listen to some tape on books until she went to sleep. She slept all night until I had to leave at 5:30. Thanks



Erica said...

How unbelievably wonderful to read those words! Here's hoping for many, many more "very good night(s)!" Love, Erica

KariAnne and Benny said...

Oh I am so pleased to hear this news! Here's to many more good news days! :)

Hugs and Luv, Kari

Candie said...

This is wonderful! Good news is always good medicine!
Does she already have the CD on book, "The Last Lecture"? It is truly inspiring!!! I was going to go out and get it for her today, but wanted to make sure that she already doesn't have it.

Love and Prayers,

Scott & Carol Decker said...

Candie, I think she has been given a couple copies of it already. Great minds think alike:)

Stephanie said...

Wonderful news!! Sending her all our love and well wishes.


Brandee Hogg said...

What a relief to hear such good news. I can only imagine how wonderful it must be for Carol to finally get that trach out! It's encouraging to hear that she keeps getting better everyday! Please send her our love! What a tough cookie she is! LOVE IT!!!


Ally Van Leuvan said...

We're so glad to hear this news! Wishes for continued comfort and healing!!

Lots of love,
Ally & Pete

hatch said...

This really is great news! Please give Carol my love.

marie bailey said...

Great News!!! So happy she is improving everyday. Way to go Carol!!


The Journey said...

Glad to hear she slept through the night. Yay for Carol! :)
-Lisa in provo

Amy Storch said...

This is so fancy!!! Carol will be impresed.

Anonymous said...

Im a friend of Jenni Decker and I just wanted you all to know that you're in our prayers too- lots of people in the Key Center Ward- we don't even know her and we love her.
So what kind of books does she like? There are so many great ones at the library - my favorite are murder mysteries..or if she's like millions of others-me included- the Harry Potter cd's are a blast to listen to.
I'll keep checking in on you and make sure to pass on any fund raising links and announcements on my blog too..

marie bailey said...

Hey Scott!!! Like the new look of the Decker Blog! As always thank you for keeping some many updated. Everyone tells me they love Carol and feel like they know the family. It is so incredible how Carol's journey, has touched so many. Praise God for all good news!

Many Blessings,