Monday, August 4, 2008


Allright, Thursday is Carol's birthday and I need ideas. What to get/do for her is a toughy this year. Cake is the only request she has made. So if you have any ideas, let's here them!!



Dawn Bowerman said...

When I was in the hospital someone gave me a super soft robe. I loved it-when I wasn't wearing it I used it for a pillow. New, not hospital issue pajamas were also nice. Basically anything that can be her own will be much appreciated. A new pillow/pillowcase? I just was looking on and you can lots of super cute gifts made with pictures on them of the girls-Anyway, some ideas to think about. Please tell Carol we are thinking of her-

Stephanie said...


Please wish Carol a Happy Birthday! mentioned that Chloe talks a bunch. Can someone keep a journal of new words/phrases and funny things that Chloe says? What about taping Chloe talk and Safiya's cute baby noises? I am sure that Chloe must say some pretty hysterical things about would be cute to get them on tape and written down for Carol.

Comfy things for the hospital would be great, too. Maybe your sister to come in (or another hairdresser) to wash and cut her hair if not done already?

Stephanie said...
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Scott & Carol Decker said...

good ideas thanks!!

T. said...

One of those digital frames where the pictures flash through? Kind of like a mini slide show? She can be reminded of all the people who love her.

Amy Storch said...

To offer more on what Stephanie was suggesting. Build a Bear has a great setup. You can record a message to carol and place the device in the stuffed animal. She can have someone squeeze it for her so she can hear the recording anytime. I would suggest someone take Chloe to do it. Maybe she participates in singing a song or can say "love you" She can pick out the stuffed animal and the outfit.

If someone is really computer savvy they can somehow bring birthday recorded messages to her.

Ally Van Leuvan said...

If she doesn't have her own pillow at the hospital, that's always a treat.

Some of her favorite drinks, gum, hard candy. Music.

I was going to say tape Chloe talking and Safiya making noise, but my smarty pants friend Steph beat me to it!! That's such a great idea.

Good luck in the search.

Ally & Pete

Lucky said...

I know I would love to have a video or cassete tape of the kids and you with lots of different things on it! From just daily living and such, to the I love you's and can't wait till you get home mommy things... When nights
get lonely, to play that would
put a smile on anyones face!
Just a thought

Kathy Z.

Pat Fiedler said...

Scott, hi it's me Pat Fiedler from Apple Dental. I received a call from Mark Ngo about Carol and your family. I am so sorry to hear about everything that Carol has been through. Please tell her that I am thinking about her everyday and saying a prayer or two. I think about you too. What you are going through, being strong for Carol, having a new beautiful baby girl and Chloe, my gosh she is absolutely adorable, being dad to those girls, being there and supporting Carol, working, just having the strength day by day, it sure says alot about your character. You are amazing, so I just wanted to say hello and let you know that Carol, you and your family are in my thoughts and I miss you. Take care Scott, Sincerly Pat Fiedler

Brandee Hogg said...

Ummmmm, I know when I was in the hospital my husband brought me in an ipod and put some music on it that i like to listen too. Maybe some books on cassette or cd's if she likes that. Or even some movies that nurses can put in the dvd/vhs player? I'm not sure if her room has that capability, but I was thinking something to keep her mind occupied.

Hope this helps! Give her our love!

The Hogg's

the piccolos said...

How about a picture frame with the ability to record a message. I just saw one today at the store - they aren't expensive. Maybe Chloe singing happy birthday? Any update on an address where we can send cards/gifts?
Loved the girls' pictures!
Kathryn, Steve, Nick & Lilly

Erica said...

How fun to hear Carol asking for cake! Wondering if she's as adamant about wanting cake as she was with wanting a Sprite? :)

Regarding everyone offering up birthday ideas, I'm thinking something that keeps in mind her vision issues at this moment would be important for us all to keep in mind.

I love the idea of voice recordings from the girls. Some type of compilation that she can listen to while resting and I wonder if we as family and friends could somehow send our own voice recorded messages of birthday wishes and such? I'll look into it but if anyone has any input as to how that could be done...

SarahKim said...

Hi Scott, if you have a dvd recorder, maybe a nice video clip of individuals or ppl saying a little something to Carol...its kind of along the lines of a digital picture frame but people can say stuff too. This way Carol can watch/hear how much ppl want her to get better and to wish her a great birthday. I'm suggesting this b/c I think you mentioned her sight before. Anyways, just an idea :)

Scott & Carol Decker said...

Kathryn, just send things to our home address and I will get them up to her. That is kind of what I have been doing.

Nice to hear from you Pat, I too miss you guys and we think about our good times there. Hope you are all well.