Sunday, August 24, 2008


Decent weekend.  Pain issues as expected.  Surgery went well, and they will do an initial take down of the dressings for a look see, and make a plan accordingly.  Hopefully, everything will look great and no further surgeries will be needed grafting-wise.  She has been nicely sedated all weekend, and tonight as well.  Much rather have her asleep, than dealing with the pain of this.  It is a little more painful that the previous grafting procedures, due to her back being the donor site(s).  That pain goes away rather quickly I am told...a few days.  
As far as the vision goes, there will be another type of exam and testing done on Tuesday, before any formal diagnosis or causality will be made.  High doses of vasopressors in the initial couple days of this is the likely cause though.  They were needed to keep her blood pressure high enough to survive.  
After a few days of personal research on the subject of optic nerve regeneration, and a few phone calls to some researchers at Harvard, there is still no cure.  But impressive research is being done, that I have no doubt, will help Carol and others in her lifetime.

Had a great weekend with Chloe.  The speed at which your kids grow is crazy.....she is saying all sorts of things now.  Safiya is getting much bigger as well.  Keeping her eyes open alot.  They are very blue, and her hair is much lighter than Chloe's.  

Work is going really well...really busy....which is nice.  Nice to be in control of something.  



Stephanie said...

Hoping and praying this was her last grafting surgery.

Happy to hear that you had a good time with the girls this weekend. Safiya must be gorgeous with her baby blues! Happy to hear that you are busy at work--it must be good for you to have some normalcy in life. You've been through so much and have stayed amazingly strong.

Our love to Carol!

Stephanie and family

nailbiter said...

Hi, I am a high school classmate of Carol's. Please tell her I am thinking of her.
Patricia Thackham Roberts

Ally Van Leuvan said...

Our fingers are crossed that this is the last of the grafting.

We are glad to hear that your business is thriving. It's great that your work can offer you a reprieve from the intensity of what is going on in your life.

It's amazing how much Safiya has grown! It sounds like Chloe keeps everyone on their toes!! Both of the girls are so pretty.

Lots of love,
Ally & Pete

Erica said...

Thank you for taking the time to keep so many of us up on Carol's progress. It is so appreciated!

♥vada rae♥ said...

This is Nevada Jaeger. Im one of Linda and Miles' granddaughters. I just wanted to tell you that you and Carol and everybody are in my prayers! Good Bless!!

marie bailey said...

Thank you Scott for the update. I really do appreciate it. So do all the people in a prayer chain that are praying for Carol. Some of them have even have sent prayer request for Carol to other prayer chains and prayer requests at their church or bible study group!!! It is amazing at the amount of people that are truly touched by Carol and what she has been going through. You both, at your strength, have touched so many. I have been told that even though they don't know you, they feel like they know the family. I think that it is a true testament to a strong and loving couple you both are. Stay strong and keep up the research!