Sunday, August 3, 2008


So no real huge news this weekend. She had a uncomfortable night the night before last, but yesterday was decent. She needed alot of pain medication, so much so that the nurses didn't feel comfortable giving her anymore. The take an xray to see if something may have been wrong with her feeding tube, where much of her pain med's go through. It was kind of curled up so the placed a new one. She seems to be doing better now I guess. Also she was put back on antibiotics and had her catheter changed in a related matter. Thanks for posting the pictures Erin. They came out cool.....not the hair I would have chosen for Chloe' ;), but they came out super cute. I need to get her another haircut.



Shane and Michelle said...

Scott, this is Michelle Butler, (a.k.a Michelle Zvetkoff), hopefully you remember me? I grew up with Megan. My mom talked to your dad today at church and he told her the news about the situation with your wife. Your mom gave my mom your blogspot so she could send you a message. My mom, of course, called me to tell me the news. I thought I'd send you a little note to let you know we are thinking of your family. My mom and I are going to keep Carol in our prayers. If you need anything Scott, let her know, she would be glad to bring in meals or help out in any way. Her number is 360-825-1946. I have yet to read your posts, when I get the chance I will do that.
P.S. I put you on my blog list of friends so that I can check back to see how your little family is doing!! Until then, Michelle

Makenna said...

Hey Scott!

Awesome pictures of the girls. Thanks for sharing Erin. It seems Harborview is so on top of things and that is great to hear/read. Spoke to Kelly earlier tonight - she wasn't able to chat much so didn't get behind the seens info. :) Just kidding ha ha. Thanks again for the updates, truly appreciate them and lots and lots of people praying and sending positive thoughts your way.

Please let Carol know how much we are praying for her and send her our love!!!!

Love and Hugs,

Makenna said...

Hey Scott - That is not Makenna. I didn't realize that makenna was logged on. It was me...Marie

Although, Makenna and her friend Skylar loved the pictures of the girls (me too) and she made Chole her backround on her laptop. What I'm using while we are gone.