Friday, August 15, 2008


Well in an unrelated matter Safiya is sleeping about 7 hours through the night....nice.



Stacie Rucker said...

This is Stacie from peds at swedish. Safiya is adorable! I love the cheeks. How wonderful that she is giving you some much needed sleep. I am continuing to keep up with your blog and am praying for carol and your family daily.

Amy Storch said...

Look how big she's getting!!! 7 hours is great!

Candie said...

7 hours, holy smokes! That's awesome!! :-)
Love ya Carol!!!!


Ally Van Leuvan said...

Safiya is beautiful!!!! Just like her parents and sister!

Ally & Pete

megan said...

Whatever! I'm still up every 3-4 hours. And Safiya is sooo sooo cute. You guys make beautiful babes! Thinking of you daily.
Love, Megsta

Stephanie said...

Safiya is BEAUTIFUL!! She looks like a little ANGEL.

Stephanie, Arthur, Perry and Stella (who needs advice from Safiya on sleeping)

Kellie said...

OK, Scott is your name really 'super man'? I'm not even sure ella who is 2.5 sleeps 7hrs without waking and you have a 2 month old already sleeping that well? That's so wonderful, she must know you need sleep right now to keep pace with all that you're doing and going through. Still thinking of you and Carol all the time.
with love, the walgreens

Nicole said...

Those girls are so beautiful! Safiya is looking more like her big sister with those cheeks filling in!
You are doing a great job, Scott, taking care of your whole family.