Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The Noels said...

I am not really sure what to post... I do know that you are one amazing person Scott. The love you have for your wife, daughters, family, and your work shows. I am compelled to tell you that I have been glued to your blog since I got the address to look at it. Carol even though I dont know her is a quiet amazing women. The heart of a lion I want to say. Her determination and faith amazes me. I want you to know that your whole family and this situation has been added to our prayer warrior list of prayers at church and you are both added to my daily prayers. I want to thank you that with all you have on your plate you are still willing to sit down almost every night and update and relive your whole day to those who care so much for your family. God bless.
Just in case you have no clue as to who this is. I am Connie Weigels daughter Lori Noel (weigel). Mom is a patient of yours!

Scott & Carol Decker said...

thanks Lori!!