Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well all I can say is thank you all soooo uch. The fundraiser was huge. We don't have the words to express our thanks. Carol had a wonderful day. Thank you everyone!!!

scott, carol, chloe, safiya


Ally Van Leuvan said...

Hooray!! We're so glad Carol was able to go!! Happy to hear it was a success.

Ally & Pete

Judi said...

We were at the fundraiser and just wanted to say what a huge success it was.. and how wonderful to see you all there.. Carol looked wonderful, and both of you just look so strong and grateful to be together and have each other and so much support. You are both a true inspiration. It was a truly wonderful experience to be part of things today and help you both with this part of your long journey ahead. My thoughts are with you and I look for any opportunity to help you get through this. what a beautiful family you are..

Erica said...

SO great to hear!

Shane and Michelle said...
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Shane and Michelle said...

Scott, it was my honor to be able to speak with you on the phone today. Carol has become apart of our family in the sense that we pray and think of her nearly every day. She is an amazing and remarkable woman. My mother(Kathy Zvetkoff) said she saw Carol for the first time today and that she is so beautiful, gorgeous. I am glad the fundraiser went well. We hope and pray that Carol's back starts healing up for good..

The Butlers
Shane,Michelle, Braden, Kyle & Aleah

Super Woman said...

I just discovered your blog tonight, and have spent the last two hours reading through every single post because I found your family's situation to be so... incredibly amazing.

I am so sorry for all that Carol has endured physically, mentally and emotionally being the one actually having all of this happen directly to her. Please give her a hug or a high five or whatever will convey my support and awe at her tremendous strength without causing her any physical pain! She's a fighter and she's awesome - I believe she's going to come out of all of this just fine.

As for you and your & Carol's kids and extended family, my heart goes out to you all. What an incredibly heart-wrenching and difficult time. It's all the more sad because the welcoming of a new child into the world shouldn't be overshadowed with your wife fighting a battle for her life. I don't know how you personally have managed to stay on your feet, nurture and raise your children, and go to work, much less stay so optimistic, but GOD BLESS YOU for having the strength, grace and faith to get through all of this and make some incredibly hard decisions on your wife's behalf along the way. You're Carol's hero, no doubt.

I will continue to follow your story, and I pray with all my heart that Carol's road to recovery is without any further bumps, and that your family can soon move forward together, stronger than ever. You all amaze me. :)

Wishing you all the best!!

Sheree said...

I'm so glad to hear Carol was able to go! Good things will continue to happen. You are all amazing! I lived through my son being in a coma for 2 months following a car accident. I then was with him in a rehab hospital for 3 months, then continued therapy at home, and we saw miracles happen! But it is so tough - I know!! Our prayers are with you and your family. Hug those beautiful girls! All three of them. Scott, you are doing the impossible. Make sure you get enough rest. Love and continued prayers from Utah.

marie bailey said...

WOW!!! Just watched Komo News with Makenna on the website! CAROL YOU LOOK AMAZING! We are so happy and can't believe what you have been through and how great you look! I sent Shawn a text earlier today asking him how it went and he said AMAZING!!! He said you looked beautiful! I agree, and so does Makenna you look and sounded so amazing that I had tears of joy an am so truly thankful that you are here with us! I'm/we are so greatful for all the wonderful people that have been praying and sending positive thoughts! Seeing and hearing you is truly an amazing answer to prayer! And how we pray and will continue too!!! We love you!

Huge Love and Hugs,

Cindy said...

Your news broadcast with Carol was truly awe inspiring. I have been praying along with the Bailey family and can not express how wonderful it was to hear Carol speak. Carol looks great! Your family inspires anyone going through a difficult circumstances, to hang tough, pray, and with God's love and infinite healing powers show how one can sustain through just about anything. Carol is a remarkable woman blessed with a truly steadfast husband!

hatch said...

Scott and Carol,
I can not even begin to describe the happiness I felt being able to see Carol and to hear her speak on the newscast! I watched it over and over again. Carol you look so beautiful and strong. You are truley amazing. I am glad to hear the evening was a sucess.

Stephanie said...


I just watched the news video. You look as stunning as ever!!! I love you!


Kellie said...


Oh my, you are so amazing!! The news clip made me cry because you looked and sounded so wonderful and strong. Absolutely amazing, I'm not sure what else to say.

We love you,
The Walgreens

megan said...

Scott and Carol-
We so wish we could've been there. We saw it on KOMO--pretty amazing. Carol, you are beautiful!!! You looked so good, I wish I could've been there in person. To all of you--As soon as I can see you, just expect to be tackled and hugged and kissed until you're begging me to get off.
Love, Megan

Nold Family said...

Congratulations on such a wonderful turnout on your fundraising event yesterday! I saw it on the news this morning and was so happy that it went well and that Carol was feeling up to being a part of it! I wanted to be there too, but have been sick and obviously don't want to spread a cold around.

Carol (and the rest of your beautiful family) is such an inspiration to me and many others. Carol has such a glowing beauty, even through the face of such illness and adeversity. I can tell that you all will come through this journey with flying colors and as a stronger family until than you ever thought possible. Your girls are beautiful and I wish you all the very best!

Thank you for keeping us updated as you have many people praying for Carol's full recovery and the continued strength, patience and peace needed. Please also let us know (as I am local and just in Maple Valley) of your family's needs. We are here to help and support you!

Jesma said...

I have been following this blog for months, since Shandra let me know that you had been checked into the hospital. You have been in my thoughts almost everyday. I saw the story on the news last night, you look wonderful. I'm amazed at how well you and Scott and the girls are doing through this. Your girls are beautiful. You will continue to be in my thought through the rehab and the healing processes.

Suzy said...

Please send Carol my love. And tell her she looks absolutely beautiful!!! She is such an inspiration to me! All of you are!Our thoughts and prayers are continually with your family.

Suzy(Davis)Taylor & family

lisa said...

The KOMO clip was great to see. Carol looks amazing. I hope her healing both physically and emotionally goes well.
Not that it matters, but are you LDS? Just wondering.

Erica said...

Saw the KOMO 4 News Story...WOW!
Carol, I love you!!

mdemiter said...

I just saw the KOMO newscast and Carol - you look fantastic! I am so happy to see that you are doing well. My thoughts and prayers are continually with you and your family!

Melissa (Wright) Demiter

lisa said...

Carol-You looked and sounded so beautiful at your fundraiser. I just wanted to reach thru the computer screen and give you the biggest hug and kiss! I watched it over and over and it made me realize how much that I truly do love and miss you. Stay strong. Lisa.

Bartel's said...

Scott & Carol, I just came across your blog today, & I too have spent the past 2 hrs reading every post. You're family is just beautiful. You are in our thoughts & prayers. Hang in there...
~Kristi from WI

Amy Storch said...

I wore my Carol Jean Decker shirt today...I was at the Federal Way Michael's when the lady at the register asked if Carol was the lady from the news last night. I was so thrilled that people are recognizing and learning about her story.
Thank you to whoever donated the adorable purse that I bid, and out-bid to win :)
It was a wonderful event.
I echo the sentiments about how beautiful and strong all of the Decker Family was/is.
For anyone who knows Carol and is planning on coming to visit her from far away. We have extra space at our house in Maple Valley.
Blessed to know you all!


Rebecca said...

Wow! I have been following your blogs. You and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers for quite some time now. I was just able to watch the Komo news clip. Carol is so beautiful!! It was great to get a glimpse of her and your family. What a Picture perfect family you have. And kudos to Carol for her amazing strength!

KariAnne and Benny said...


Amazing is all I have to say. Seeing the newsclip made me cry with such happiness, the turn out for the BBQ was outstanding! It is so awesome to see you looking so beautiful! You are a hero to all of us. Being able to see you smile so fantastic!

Love you girl!

Kari :)

Hilda May said...

Hello from England....I came to your blog through another, you know how it is!....I have read all the posts these last couple of are doing so fantastically well....Carol you look so pretty and your children too...well done all of you...well done Scott....keep going x

Super Woman said...

Carol, you're amazing and beautiful and strong. :) Keep on fighting, sister!!

Chuck & Ale said...

Congratulations on having Carol back home. I am a another stranger following your story and praying that everything turns out well. We'll keep supporting you! Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us. Carol looked and sounded wonderful, what a strong and corageous woman!

Tracy Alter said...


I was so happy to see at the fundraiser on the news. You look beautiful!! Your strength is such an inspiraton. I just want to give you a big hug!


Travis & Natalie Nelson said...

YOu don't know who I am but I saw your story on somebodies blog.My heart goes out to you guys. I just wanted to let you know on Wednesday Oprah will be having a show about a Lady that I believe had the same kind of thing happen to her like your wife. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.