Thursday, September 25, 2008


So real quick before my day gets hectic. Carol is doing well. We both had a very good night of sleep. She has a busy day of doctors appointments in Seattle. One for her back and leg wound. An initial amputation rehab consultation to determine how close we are to initiating that. And finally a hand rehab. She is having seperate hand therapy for her right hand to try and regain as much function as possible there.



Ally Van Leuvan said...

Great. Thanks for the update, Scott!

Ally & Pete

Melissa said...

Hi Scott,

I don't want to give Erica competition from her silent auction and since the auction series I am doing is primarily in my own community (I am going to local retailers and artists, asking for donations), could you remove your link to my site?

I simply wanted your blessing for using your family pictures and repeating information about Carol's condition on my blog.

Questions or Thoughts, email me at simp0491(at)gmail(dot)com

Scott & Carol Decker said... are blessed:)

thanks scott....

Stephanie said...

It was great to talk to Carol the other day. Can't wait to hear what the docs said at the appt.


lisa said...

Thanks for the update. Your family is constantly in my prayers. I check daily hoping for good news on your behalf. Your family has been such an inspiration. Your positive attitude is such a good example to me. I am also hoping for Carol that her eyesight will return. Is that even an option?