Thursday, November 20, 2008

couple new, and one old...just felt like posting it. All is going well. Carol had a busy day of seeing doctors again in Seattle. Her brother and father took her up as I worked. A follow up from her arm surgery on Monday, a visit at the burn unit to check on her wounds and back healing, and a visit with her prosthesist. Her arm looks good, and apparently since I know how too, I get to remove the sutures instead of her going back to Seattle:). Her back is looking great....the borders of the donor sites look much like her normal skin, and is healing from the outside in. For all intensive purposes it is healing well. No open wounds or anything. Her right hip..which is the only large area they didn't graft is almost closed. Originally the wound was about 10 -12 inches long and about 2 inches wide at the biggest but closed to almost a v shape. Over the months they have allowed it to heal on it's own, as the graft didn't take there. We have had to change the dressing on it daily this entire time. It look great only 2 small 1 inch or so long by 1 cm wide scabs remain. It looks so almost wish they would have let all her wounds heal this way...but infection undoubtedly would have occurred. She spent awhile at the prosthesist and things were tuned up a bit. She is not ready for a new socket yet, just a new liner inside of them. She thinks they feel much better. We were given the be patient talk from the prosthesist, and that in time, better, smaller, cooler, sockets will be there for her, but that she is changing so much right now, that putting a lot on money into something that may only last a couple months isn't worth it. Debatable, as long as she can keep's ok.



Kitty said...

Thank you for sharing your story. I read about it on NieNie's website. I always look forward to reading about Carol's progress. I am really touched about how much Scott loves Carol and the girls. I'm only a stranger, but I pray for you and your family. Godspeed.

Holly Benson Jolley said...

Scott, I don't think we have met in person but we have been following your story and have prayed for your sweet wife and family. My husband Craig is a dentist in Maple Valley and we are in the Rock Creek ward. We were wanting to do something to help you out and we wondered if you would want Craig to come and see your patients for a day or two so you can have time to be with your wife and family without the stress of losing a days production. We know how costly that can be and how stressful this must be for you. If that is not something you are comfortable with, we totally understand but would still like to do something to help. Please feel free to contact us via the blog address that will be left on this post or email me at We got one of your flyers in the mail the other day and made us think of you and your family. Please let us know what we can do to help!

Reenie said...

Carol looks beautiful ~ your daughters are soooo cute. are an awesome person:)

My thoughts and prayers are with Carol, you and your family.

erinrose8 said...

Dear Scott and Carol,
I’ve never commented on your blog before. I didn’t really want to insert myself into your story that way. But I ran across this quotation from a book I have not read called the Church of the Dog. After reading Scott’s description of the healing of Carol’s hip wound, and having seen the wound myself, I wanted to share this quotation with everyone. Though Carol’s wounds have been dramatic, each day, as I help care for her, I see each wound as beautiful and miraculous. Her healing is a precious process. Carol is a beautiful woman in every way. Thank-you for sharing your family and your journey with me. So here is the quotation:

"To me the grand canyon is like a giant wound formed from the natural cycles of life, and what I find comforting about being here is people's acceptance of it. No one sits here and tells the Earth that time will heal this wound, and no one calls the processes that created it 'tragic.' No one expects the Earth here to be like it was before the river cut the canyon. People just leave it alone and find beauty in it as it is"

bobbinoggin said...

glad to hear it!

byLGD said...

Dearest Carol and Scott,
I read your blog everyday. You are both such an inspiration, I'm sure you've heard that time and time again, but please know it's true.

Is there a P.O. box where things can be sent? Please let me know, thank you so much.

laurie eller

Ally Van Leuvan said...

Hey Scott,

Glad Carol's wounds are healing up well. Your updates are always appreciated.

Thinking of you.

Ally & Pete

KariAnne Deines and Benny Clark said...

The pictures are great. Always love seeing those! The girls are just so beautiful. Carol, you are just awesome. Hugs and luvs to you guys. Kari

Pauline said...

Glad to hear things are progressing well. Please let Carol know that I luv her and miss her and am thinking of her always. I always think when things in my life are rough how it would be in Carol's shoes. She is such an inspiration to me. She is so strong. Girls look beautiful just like their mommy. Thanks for keepin us all up to date Scott. You are amazing too.


Stephanie said...

Thanks for the pictures, Scott. Carol and the girls look beautiful. It looks like Safiya still has her baby blues...and gorgeous eyelashes!! She won't need any mascara!!!

Happy that her wounds are healing. Enjoy the weekend.

Stephanie and family

my3 kids said...

What beautiful pictures of your girls. We pray for your family daily. Best wishes this Holiday Season.

Erica said...

Thank you for the updates, Scott!

marie bailey said...

Hi Scott and Carol! Love the new pictures. Thanks for sharing. Happy to read the positive in Carol's progress. Always, always praying for Carol, you the girls, Darla and Heath. We know how busy you are an appreciate the time you take to post a new update. So with that, thank you so much!

Much love and hugs,