Sunday, November 16, 2008


Well I haven't been able to post for some time...apologies. Carol has been remaining busy at home with in house rehab, although her progress walking has seemed to slow, mostly we feel to her prosthetics not fitting as well as they did originally. Her legs have shrunk quite a bit, as expected. They are supposed to do that. Hopefully she will have some new sockets for them made very soon. She is essentially walking in and out of the sockets, which is pretty painful for her over time while walking. Hope that makes some sense. Her hot flashes have stopped, but hairloss hasn't unfortunately. She has surgery tomorrow at Swedish for a revision on her left arm. She has some bone protruding abit. Something that has been there since early at Harborview, and I thought was bone, but Harborview kept saying it was just a scab. She the hand surgeon who did her amputation, late last week take a look, because I really was feeling it was bone, and sure enough it is. It should be a simple outpatient procedure....well as simple as something like that can be. Carol's family continues to help out quite a bit at home, which is nice. Chloe and Safiya are doing well. Thanks for all the support everyone. Carol wanted to make sure I said thank you to you all.



bobbinoggin said...

hopefully modifications can be made to the prosthetics in order to make a better fit.

here's to hoping the outpatient surgery goes smoothly.

thanks for the update.

marie bailey said...

Hey Scott! I can't believe I didn't check your blog in a few days! That's a first. Anyway, my girlfriend son, I mentioned him before, he always had big socks with him in the beginning while his leg adjusted to the prosthetic. He carried a backpack full of them. He would put them on and off depending on the weather how much walking he did etc. Just a thought. I will be praying for Carol today. Hang in there. As always, thanks for the updates!

Love, Prayers and Hugs,

Shane and Michelle said...

Scott, I hope the surgery goes very well for her. Tell Carol we think of her all the time.

Stephen Tefteller said...

Scott & Carol,
I have been reading the blog for a while, but this is my first post. I am so amazed by your spirits and your outlook on life. I know your family is being blessed beyond your wildest dreams.

I am a cosmetologist. You said that Carol is still losing her hair. You may have heard that trauma causes hair loss. Even just having a baby will cause hair loss. The best way to treat it is with pre-natal vitamins. Talk to the doc about going back on the vitamins for a while. Also, if her hair is hard to style because it is really thin, there is a few different products on the market called thickening lotions that work wonders. The best one is made by Redkin. These products will make the hair cuticle open up and become thicker, which makes all the hair look fuller. Good luck. (

bjdinkins said...

Thanks for the updates you provide. Your blog is the first one I check on in the mornings. What is the latest news about Carols eyesight? I think about you and your family so often..wish I lived closer so I could be of some help!